A "Native" Queenstown Food Trail: CHEF Hainanese Western Food (Tanglin Halt)

Heyyo! I'm back with another Queenstown food trail post - this time on a place that is (quote) really hidden gem (unquote) called CHEF Hainanese Western Food at Tanglin Halt Market. Seriously, this stall just looked like any other "eh-hem-Astons" Western stall but then it is really way better than other Western stalls. I mean... I am someone who shuns away from this category when I am at a hawker centre, but one day I found myself at Tanglin Halt Market with the other stalls looking rather frumpy and unattractive relative to this one, so I gave this a try. And it turns out to be way above my expectations:

Going at only SGD5 a plate - these Fish & Chips and Grilled Chicken Chop were cooked up fervently with a passionate chef in there. Even the process of his cooking is a spectacle to behold. I am two minds about which one I liked better, arguably I liked the chicken chop's sauce, with a bit of savoury and citrus-fruity taste in it which made it especially appetising. The chicken chop was very tender to bite, and fits the sauce to a tee! The fish & chips on the other hand, has got to be eaten quickly while it's still hot and crispy to enjoy it at its finest. It is so sinfully fried and delicious, it will give Australians' fish & chips a run for its money. The sauce used is surprisingly similar, but it works. The fries were okay and the coleslaw was dismaying (okay, I generally hate vegetables, so) but the mains totally made up for it!

If you're in the area, you know what to look for: this sprightly old man cooking up a storm. Nevermind that his stall's banner seemed to be put together with some WordArt, because his food is da bomb. One word: SHIOK!

CHEF Hainanese Western Food
1A Commonwealth Drive
#01-04 Tanglin Halt Food Centre
Singapore 141001

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