A "Native" Queenstown Food Trail: The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream

I've been going to Queenstown quite a bit to the point that... I actually dreamt I walked to Queenstown to search for food last night. I guess that's either a sign that I should return soon or I should get down to blogging about my impromptu foodie adventure there. (Or I am simply a glutton that food makes its appearance so often even when I am sleeping) Dessert time - The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream ranked pretty high in this rather obscure neighbourhood (in terms of food hunts). So that's where we went:

Yes, dreaming of ice-cream right now 😉

This is a classic case of: I don't really remember the details, but I remember how visiting this cafe felt... I don't remember which flavours we had, but I remember finishing it with gusto (sorry to my friend who was sharing with me hawhawhaw) and still raring for more even though I was seriously full from dinner nearby... This ice-cream parlour almost strictly only sells waffles, ice-cream and coffee, and that's about it. It is really quiet and ideal for conversations, and probably if it isn't a weekday night - damn, I've actually turned into a morning person - I would love to stay for a long, good conversation here. I guess there's a reason why they actually got a 4.9 rating on Facebook (rare! but well deserved).

The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream
48 Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 142048

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