A Refreshing Sunday Outing with Singapore Turf Club (Sakura Day 2016)

If you're thinking of pairing beautiful Sundays with brunches... that's a good idea but a little mainstream (nope, that's no longer hipster). There's another place that is always buzzing with activities and it's the Singapore Turf Club next to Kranji where you can catch some action with horses and soak up the atmosphere! Whether or not you want to jostle with an excited crowd or do it in style, it is completely up to you. It's definitely a ~ whole new world ~ for locals and tourists to do as a form of entertainment if you have never witnessed horse-racing!

Other than betting, there's plenty to do and enjoy here! Get up close and personal with the horses right before the race. This is not just to see how majestic these animals are, but also to check their moods, energies and strength to get an idea of how fast they might be in a race as compared to his counterparts. Obviously, betting with money might get your heart racing faster (pun intended;)), but it's not compulsory and neither is it enforced.

Horses trotting about...!

Besides the horses, the skies were a graceful azure blue, with even an eagle cruising across... the woes and stresses of city life disappear at that moment, just like that...

Looking up from the races, you see the glistening glass panels from which you can enjoy the races from an air-conditioned hall... with live music, free-flow buffet tables of international cuisines, alcohol, betting tables, clear analysis from other patrons. Now that's what I'd call enjoying a horse-racing day with style! 

This is the view you will get from the Derby Room, and whether it's for first-timers, amateurs or for professionals, I think it is an indulging upgrade. A worthy one especially if  you will spend good money on betting on some horses or the whole day enjoying time with your family or friends.

Sipping on some soju while waiting for the races to start! There are many races going on that day, so the excitement really never ended throughout the whole afternoon.

The international spread buffet is actually pretty not bad in terms of freshness and quality! The variety isn't amazing but decent enough, I am certain you'll have more than enough to eat. 😉 

We had Dester Beer - a relatively new local brand pale lager beer that is light, easy on the palate, and even a little sweet. As compared to the usuals, this one is really good to drink at a leisure pace without all the gas. I really liked the bright steel blue packaging too, it's so eye-catching.

Professional betting counters right inside Derby Room to service your betting needs.

Watch the horses go...!

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