Baby clear skin is not by chance - skincare in safe hands with The Wellness Suite

Why do some people have baby clear skin and some don't? Is it a matter of winning life's lottery? Apparently not. Effort needs to be taken, and I'm not just talking about daily beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I've been there, done that but my skin is still not the best I wished it could be. Here comes The Wellness Suite, my new skincare sponsor that taught me a lot about the hidden secrets about skincare.

1. Professional advice on your skin is essential.
As I said, even if you are rigorous in your beauty regime, there are limits to what your products can do. Seeking professional help is needed for persistent skin problems such as brown spots, acne scars, blemishes and enlarged pores. These do not vanish on their own, and some may even worsen with age or become harder to rid.

2. Timing is everything.
Did you realize that at age 23, your peers are getting more polished? And you find yourself falling behind? That's certainly how I feel now. And nope, it's not a biological puberty happening, but an awakening to how important appearance is to young adults especially in our superficial world. Even if you've skin problems from your teenage years (I totally feel you), you can actively improve it with today's technology. The team at The Wellness Suite shared with me that most of their customers indeed come from the age group of early twenties and how they have helped them achieve their desired complexion.

Doing the treatment slowly at a pace I am comfortable with

3. A little pain goes a very long way.

I consider myself quite interested in facial treatments and read a fair bit about them, but reading really doesn't equate to going through the whole process. The Clear & Glow treatment I went through, including a Q-switch and IPL, yielded very surprising results:

Immediately after treatment is complete - no redness at all

- Zero downtime (wowowow)
Given what I know about the laser zaps, treatments usually leave their clients very red-faced. I had none of that, and could resume my normal routine without any issues. I was pleasantly surprised.

- Afterglow
Not immediately, but the day after and next, there was an obvious glow in my complexion that could not be missed! I haven't had such good skin in a long while, and I was very pleased. 

- Improved makeup application
BB cream no longer gets trapped all over and glides on smoothly. I didn't even need to use as much BB cream anymore!

That short 10 minutes of pain for all these benefits? Yes, it's certainly a good trade off.

My doctor, Dr Benjamin Yong, was extremely patient with me, and reassured me throughout the process. He did it once first and asked me if I'm ok with the zapping feeling. It was very unnatural at first but it got better as it goes, it's a matter of getting used to the feeling.

If you want to improve your skin condition, I definitely recommend The Wellness Suite for their professionalism and amazing results. Quote my name to enjoy your 1st trial at $70!

The Wellness Suite
The Wellness Suite at Paragon is a boutique-styled medical aesthetic practice that provides a comprehensive suite of aesthetic treatments. All treatments are delivered using advanced technology and premium brands, and believe in providing customised and quality treatments to their patients.

For more information:
Call/whatsapp 9329 1000
Visit their facebook page here.

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