Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen November 2016 New Menu!

For the love of noodles: check out the new menu from Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen this December 2016! The crew behind this famous restaurant chain in Singapore has come up with a new menu that caters to the lovely people that enjoys noodles, creating their rendition of noodles that have an Asian origin. Wanna find out if there will be anything that will spice up your next lunch? Read on!

Essentially - this is my favourite so I'm featuring this first!!! All of them are very different so it's hard to do a point-by-point comparison, it really depends on what kind of taste you like. Vietnam Roast Chicken Rice Noodles (SGD9.90) is my go-to choice because of how appetizing it is, it has a distinctive light, sweet, sour-ish, and refreshing fish sauce nước chấm flavour throughout the bowl. It is almost like a salad, rather than a main, which I guess small-appetite eaters will fully appreciate! The roasted chicken also adds more protein to the bowl, making it a well-marinated, tasty and nutritious meal.

Next up - the most photogenic bowl of Japanese-style miso noodles (SGD10.80) that got all of us really excited because it smells reallyy good! Of course, give it a good mix before you start your chopsticks, to roll the egg and miso paste to let it coat every part of the thin round noodles. The miso paste has a very strong, savoury taste that is very appealing as well.

Then, we tried the Seafood Tomato Noodles (SGD11.80) which is very thick in its tomato noodle base, it's almost like a sauce texture. I guess it's a love or hate dish - if you like tomato, you'll probably go crazy over it, and if you don't, it probably isn't going to change your mind about the fruit-vegetable. This bowl has an unmistakable generous medley of seafood as well.

The last new menu item is this bowl of noodles: Sichuan Spicy Wantons Lao Mian (SGD9.90) which for Singaporeans... will probably be reminiscent of wonton noodles! Straight up, it isn't spicy enough to be considered 'Sichuan' - however, if it were, most Singaporeans probably can't eat it any way! It's quite mild to be considered spicy wantons (红油抄手), though the quality is good I found it lacked that fiery spark that it should have. Or you can say it's child-friendly spicy wantons. You'll get a bowl of above average wanton noodles, but don't go expecting legit 红油抄手 because you would be disappointed. They also serve up these Sichuan spicy wantons (SGD7.50) as a side dish.. the wontons from the noodles are the same as this.

Fiery Chicken Salad (SGD7.80) - tried and tested, and we say Yes! This is pretty good as an appetizer to kick off a meal. The pan-fried dumplings are presented in a different shape from the usual fan-shape, and I found it decent, a little more heavy-handed on the chives than I would have liked.

Some other 'yes-es' that we had round the table - the Nonya Fish Slices (SGD10.80) really packed a punch and hit where the right tastebuds are, highly piquant and rich in flavour. It would do really well with just rice on the side. The fish slices were also cooked to a very tender texture.

Some of the signature items from Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen include their original roast chicken (SGD10.50 per plate) and also their mala roast (SGD11.50 per plate) and ginger roast (SGD11.50 per plate), maintaining its moisture at a decent level, and ensuring that every bite is yummy!

Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen
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