Hong Kong, A Picture Diary of Amie's October Trip

Don't look at me like this, I know... I am not posting my travel chronicles in chronological order, but well, these pictures from my Huawei P9 require no edits at all and is so convenient for blogging, so... I shall do a picture diary of my Hong Kong trip first! :) This was a work trip, therefore it wouldn't be a travel itinerary sort, and obviously by no means any kind of a travel guide. It's just some non-work related snaps that I took along the way that would help me remember this trip...

🚩 Hong Kong International Airport

My trip to Hong Kong came earlier than expected, and so I was a little overwhelmed by how much I did not prepare beforehand for it in terms of the usual research I usually do... but there is a thrill in going in unprepared too. It's almost like watching a movie without watching the trailer, reading the synopsis or hearing any reviews at all. Upon landing at the airport, I past by this entire wall of paintings which was pretty amazing! The amount of detail in each painting is incredible, but I was rushing for time so I didn't get to really slowly appreciate each of them one by one.

🚩 Sha Tin

Some of the scenes from the airport to my accommodation. Really, to say Hong Kong is hilly is such an understatement. Coming from an extremely flat terrain like our little red dot, Hong Kong is probably like the hyper version of Singapore with super dense buildings, both in terms of height and proximity of apartments/ buildings from one another (I would say as if Singapore on drugs, but the amount of pun is just too damn high to say that). That is probably one of the most unmistakable observations that can be seen just from the first hour in Hong Kong. Of course, even in the neighbourhood of Sha Tin, it's already considered the not so crowded part as compared to downtown.

🚩 Science Park & Pak Shek Kok Promenade

I probably would not visit the Science Park & Pak Shek Kok Promenade if I were here on holiday, because it is just way far off from the normal route of a regular tourist. It would not even fall under the 'off the beaten path' travelogues because you probably have nothing much to do here anyway. Except to ogle at this amazing landscape... and marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature. The sky was so blue and breathtaking, especially against the coral blue waves lapping up the shores, it really is a perfect day to go out and cycle along the promenade. Or just feel the wind in your hair. What a wonderful time to be alive.

🚩 Banabana Mongkok

Grab a drink of banana, grape and green apple yakult. The concept for choosing fruits is quite cute, where you choose little coloured sticks, and then pop them into a rocket and 'submit' it to the counter staff! One of the best fruit juice blends I've ever had. Maybe more so I enjoyed the process of choosing what I wanted in my drink.

🚩 θ€ι»žι»žεΏƒη«Ήη­’ι£― Mongkok
Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Supposedly the best dimsum in Mongkok rated by OpenRice, this modern dimsum eatery is extremely popular and enjoys a queue from 8pm all the way to 11pm and beyond. The good thing is, they allow you to take a queue number and pretty much you can drop by, grab a number, go shopping around the district, and come back in another half an hour's to an hour's time. How is it though? I think it falls short of the hype (omg the queue was a little cray) but on its own, it's really not bad in general in terms of the taste. I would probably give it a 7/10 - decent enough but I feel like this isn't the best Hong Kong can offer. Maybe around Mongkok area, because I see that this is the most popular restaurant along the whole stretch. 

Streets of Mongkok are bustling with activity, street stalls, buskers, teenagers, interesting folks and characters of all shades. Shopping isn't ideal around this district (um, considering the only shop that I actually bought something from is Miniso says lots). By the way I love Miniso, it has a lot of functional and cute things to buy!

🚩 HomeSquare Starbucks

OK I love this Hibiscus Tea & Pomegranate Pearls quite a lot but I haven't had the heart to get another one in Singapore because it's just so expensive for just tea. The Starbucks here is also so pretty, but didn't really have time to stay for long to chill.

🚩 Tsingma Bridge

That's the end of my short trip. Till the next time, it'll be a true travel itinerary when I hit the shores of Hong Kong again next year πŸ˜˜

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