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Brunch2Wine Vantage Bay Johor Bahru Fine Dining - Ambience

Something is happening in Johor, and rumour has it that it is really tasty, tasty news. If you are into finding the latest restaurant openings, The Vibe at Vantage Bay is a newly developed restaurant cluster that must not be missed! They are officially opening in 10 December 2016. With the most amazing decor and service, you'll be astonished to find reasonable prices for the quality of dishes you will be able to receive. From bakeries to even high-end restaurants, let your pockets rest and your tastebuds delight to the finest feasts! The first of these restaurants is the impressive fine-dining Brunch2Wine, helmed by award-winning head Malaysian chef, Chef Kelvin Lee. He has years of experience in many countries, including three Michelin restaurants in France. 

Brunch2Wine Vantage Bay Johor Bahru Fine Dining - Appetizer

We began the lovely meal with an enticing appetizer, the Carpaccio of Totoro Tuna (RM37). Served with Himalayan pink sea salt on the side, the sliced raw tuna sashimi is an indulging start to the meal. It is smooth and refreshing to pair with cubed vegetables, fish roe, and horse radish. I enjoyed it well, especially when it also looked so colourful and attractive to the eye!

Brunch2Wine Vantage Bay Johor Bahru Fine Dining - Appetizer

The second appetizer we had was the Pan Seared Foie Gras, Onsen Egg, and caramelized morel buerre blanc (RM75). Instead of serving it raw, the foie gras was pan seared which takes out the usual distinctive taste of it, resulting in a chewy texture with a slightly crispy skin. Mix in the onsen egg and with the morel buerre blanc, it almost felt like a main course already! I prefer my foie gras raw, though pan seared is an interesting different take on the dish.

Brunch2Wine Vantage Bay Johor Bahru Fine Dining - Main Course

The main course that we were presented was the Miso Cod Fillet wrapped Bamboo Leaf, Lotus Roots Salad, Bamboo Clams and Sakae Emulsion (RM72). Immediately, it reminded me of a dumpling, but with a modern twist as diners could 'participate' in the dish creation by squeezing the dropper filled with the flavourful sakae emulsion! The Miso Cod Fillet was smooth and delicious! However, I wished they actually provide more salad vegetables on the side as the sakae emulsion and miso cod fillet can get a little heavy towards the end.

Brunch2Wine Vantage Bay Johor Bahru Fine Dining - Dessert

And... for my favourite part of the meal - dessert! The Palet D'or Chocolate with Cremeux Chocolate and Cocoa Pop Cracker (RM33) impressed me right from the start. What a beauty this was! The delicate golden netting is such a joy to crack, but the absolute charmer was the chocolate tart that was so so so well done! Well, I think it's worth it even to come here just for their desserts, because the tart's biscuit had such a lovely fine bite to it, perfectly executed and fragrant too. The chocolate was also rich and moist, yet not jelat. I would definitely think about this rendition created by Chef Kelvin Lee whenever I eat a chocolate tart.

If you are not sure what to order here, you can opt for Brunch2Wine's daily set lunch meals priced between RM45++ (3-course) to RM60++ (4-course) per set.

6376 & 9236, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan
Kampung Stulang Laut
80300 Johor Bahru Johor Bahru

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