So long, 2016

It almost feels like last week we stepped gingerly into 2016, unsure what was to come. And then now, we're hurtling our way into 2017. It seems there is no good way to wrap up a year within a post, because there is so much in 12 months, 366 days, too many ups and downs, times when my eyes lit up in wonder, or felt downcast, worried, determined... this, like any other year, is a year of change. This further confirms how change is the only constant in our lives, and hardly or never is it a straight line.

The biggest changes in my life in 2016, I would say, weren't necessarily good or bad, but certainly, they made me understand myself better. And that is really sufficient for me at this point in my early adulthood life.

I hang out even more with folks older than me, I guess because I do blogging and the opportunities that I land with it, and my social circle is shifting... They made me see the world in a different perspective, almost like I could take a peek into the future. And that really sharpens my mind. But at the same time, I realised that friendships, and relationships.. if either party don't put in the effort, it'll fade away... so definitely this year, I'd resolve to spend more time with my friends. 2016 has seen far less gatherings than the past years, and to a huge extent, I'm being far too ill-disciplined to make things work.

I finally stepped into the 'working world', and obviously the question that everyone has been thinking about is: do you prefer studying or working? The Taurus in me would think that you're paying to 'do work' for studying while you're being paid to work when working so obviously the latter is better... but I am starting to realise that passion should be the number one factor driving why you choose your line of work. Not salary, not prestige... because work is something that you do for a great portion of your waking hours, and it shapes your mindset, it can be nurturing, or damaging. These are the two extremes but ultimately, my point is: it does cause a great impact on who you are. And I agree with how the cliche saying goes, if you enjoy your work, you never have to work in a day of your life. I am still trying to figure out if I like doing what I do (ha ha, maybe my bosses are secretly reading this space) and honestly there are good days and bad days, and the people makes it all better. There are good days and bad days even for my interests like blogging.

Traveling has been greatly rewarding this year, and when I look back to my footprints all over the world this year, I realised it has indeed been a long year well spent. From setting off to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in February to a two-weeks long trip to China's biggest cities Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and also to Suzhou and Wuxi, and to my first business trip to Hong Kong, then finally to Krabi for an anniversary celebration with my love... I think I have a bigger heart for travel than ever, and of course have a greater confidence to perhaps, set off for solo trips in 2017.

There are so much more that I want to say about 2016, but most of all, the reason why I got through everything was having my love to guide me through. 2016 taught me not to wish not for smooth days ahead but the tenacity to overcome any obstacles that would come your way, together with the people you love and those who love you. 2017, we're ready for you.

/Photo taken on 1 January 2017.
/Marina Bay Floating Platform, Singapore (Rock On!) organised by IMC Group.

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