A Life of Compromised Passions

I wanted to finish up / write a food post, and then I went to shower, to reflect on my life (Ha). Then inspiration struck, so the food post can wait. I was thinking to myself on how many people out there today are living out their passions, doing what they really love. Or is everyone trying to convince themselves they like what they do, paring down their dream and matching it to reality - and living out a life on what I would term - a compromised passion?

One of my favourite questions I like to ask for a more meaningful conversation is - "What did you want to grow up to be when you were young" - from this question, you can really see the other person's gaze soften and there would almost be a glimmer of childlike innocence of the yesteryear. The answer might be a lawyer, an architect, a cafe owner. And then most of the time, I don't believe that this is the true answer. There is this slight element of calculation, rationale, consideration in these answers. What did you truly wanted, when you were say, 5? 

Somewhere along the way, we learnt to take into account to realistic expectations of things around us, and we lose sight of our dreams. Then we pick up something else along the way that's feasible. And we call it our dream. I call it the compromised passion.

And this is the basis of how we live. This is not a critique of the way we live, because it is not a
choice. We never had a choice as to how we should live. Never. Because of our relation to others, wherever you think you may escape to. You cannot live out what you truly desire to because the conceptualization of what you thought was your true passion is built on an ideal world where you knew very little about the rules and limitations of. And that is the moment when you actually felt freedom, and only then you can have an unadulterated agreement of what your soul speaks of.

But here I am, saying it is okay. Because if you are happy with your compromised passion, you are the lucky one.

Sorry gotta truncate this post because I am too sleepy. Might continue this next time when I feel like it, or leave it abruptly truncated just like the many other posts.


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