Putien Seasonal Menu Release: Seaweed Series

It's time for Putien's new seasonal menu release again and this time, it's seaweed! For the first time in Putien's history, they are introducing its all new 'first harvest seaweed' seasonal menu. If you love seaweed, this is like nothing you've ever tasted. As usual, Putien take pride in top quality and freshness, maintained when delivering these seaweed dishes. Seaweed is fiber-rich and traditionally cultivated in East Asia, sourced in particular from Wheat Island, a remote fishing village 50km away from Putian City of Fujian.

What's so different from Putien's seaweed dishes?

According to prominent gastronomist Cai Lan, seaweed that we normally get is already dried before being shipped to Singapore. But Putien's uniqueness is that they spare no effort to air freight freshly harvested seaweed directly from Fujian.

And that's what makes it different and why you would have probably never tasted seaweed this way before. The chefs at Putien has created five different seaweed dishes for you to enjoy:

Seaweed with Dried Shrimp is a seaweed-based appetizer. It sets the tone of how delicious their fresh seaweed is, not only is it extremely soft and silky, it's also sweet and savoury and you can really taste the original taste of it. The seaweed is also combined with their signature red-tail baby shrimp and tossed together as a cold salad. The shrimp's juicy freshness and tartness of a trifling of vinegar in this dish really makes for an appetizing dish! This is definitely one of the better appetizers I've had in 2016 that left me wanting.

Seaweed Omelette is a simple but skilful dish that features the First Harvest Seaweed and eggs pan-fried with strong fire to lock down the fragrance of the ingredients. It is quite salty and best paired with piping hot fragrant white rice.

Thoroughly stewed with the best-quality taro for 30 minutes, this Putien Stewed Seaweed makes for an earthy dish especially with slow-boiled chicken broth as its base! Similar to the Seaweed Omelette, its natural saltiness is quite intense and pairing it with rice would make it tons more enjoyable~

The Meizhou Claypot Rice with Seaweed is a scrumptious and hearty main, braised in seaweed and oyster soup for the ultimate essence of the sea. Every grain of pearl rice absorbed the soup, creating a savoury and fragrant taste.

Seaweed with Oyster Soup is slowly boiled with the freshest oysters and seaweed, served with a dash of vinegar to enhance the flavours without compromise. Such a heartwarming dish to end off the seaweed series of Putien.

Along with the seaweed items, we were also introduced to this Deep Fried Pork Bun that impressed me. Although it is deep fried pau, it is very light and not at all greasy, and a cross between kongbakpau and mantou with pork and caramelized onions fillings. Nom away!!! This was definitely one of the happiest takeaways that I had with Putien.

Finally... a sweet lovely dessert, of course, this Pumpkin Cream with Coconut Ice-Cream... usually I don't expect 'traditional' restaurants to have any fancy desserts but this one really took my breath away. The pumpkin cream doesn't taste like pumpkin actually, but more of a sweet potato paste sort, which is really nice. It's not too thick, and really wonderfully done with grated peanuts for the added texture.

If you are looking for a unique souvenir for your overseas friends, look out for Putien's signature and famous Spice Mum - a chilli concoction for your yummy cooking at home!

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