What is your impact on the world?

I have had enough of the What's the meaning of my life phase. I (Or Time, or Age) have decided to bravely pin down something as the makeshift answer. Our impact to the people around us, the impact to the world we live in, and the impact of our actions on ourselves - this is the only meaning of our lives, it is as absolute as it is noble as it is fleeting, but nonetheless, dreadfully important to us as we live in this point of our lives at this space.

Are you still with me?

Let's establish that as a temporary truth. Actually, all truths are in nature, never relevant and always temporary but that's a story for another day.

We as temporal beings, live for the moment or period of time, and the people co-existing with us in that moment in time. Kinship by blood or by a moment of crossed paths, or, just simply by sharing space on this planet... each of our action can impact positively or negatively on somebody else. And so can theirs. We are not limited by space, but space intimidates our capacity to act. But the more aware you are of your power to affect people and effect change that you want to see, then you start to take charge of your meaning in life.

Nobody said you have to be noble like Mother Teresa. You are after all, the writer of your own story, the master of your fate, the god that puts meaning in your own life. You choose. And when in the face of choice, people are afraid. Steering the course of the ship in the vast ocean - without a map - now that is maddeningly insane. And there we are, steering ships. Some refusing to acknowledge that we are in fact steering a ship with only one captain onboard. But we are ships floating along side by side, riding the waves, pushing new waves onto one another.

How do you intend to impact the world? Through your work, through outside of work, through and for your family, friends, unfriendly strangers, strangers in need, non-human fellow beings.. what would you consider to be your legacy?


A few days ago, I saw this on my Facebook feed:

You're a ghost driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust, riding a rock, hurtling through space... fear nothing.

It made me pause and chuckle. So I'm ending this post by sharing this with you. An abrupt end to an abrupt post amidst the food and travel updates.

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