Wheat & Wit, A JB Bakery With Delicious Cakes Worth Travelling For 麦风趣

I love desserts and all, but I am not a particularly 'cake person'. What does that even mean - it means that I prefer my desserts lightweight, so I didn't expect to like Wheat & Wit (麦风趣) as much as I did!!! Launching straight into the magic of this bakery: instead of using cheese, they use yogurt instead, which makes everything taste much more delicious, lighter, and enjoyable.

Let's start with the breads and croissants! All of them are made with pure and organic ingredients, with absolutely no artificial flavouring. Their choice of using yogurt instead of cheese is also made with health considerations in mind. However, although it is super healthy, they do not lose out on their taste! The breads look seemingly humble and boring, but just listening to the yummy combinations is enough to make my mouth water~

~ Chocolate banana buns, potato nachos buns, raisin cream cheese buns, buttermilk salted egg buns ~

Which one do you want? I really love the raisin cream cheese bun a lot, it is so cheesy yet lightweight, with the occasional sweet touch with the raisins in the fluffy bun... fresh bakes make all the difference. The potato nachos bun was a savoury surprise, it was very rich and it reminds me of really good warm nachos cheese from cinemas with mash potatoes in it. The rest of the breads are equally great in quality as well, it really depends on what flavour you like! They have even more breads on the shelves so go crazy with trying them - they are out to impress.

The croissants were tastefully and organically flavoured with matcha and does not take away the attention from the foundation of what a croissant should be - buttery, warm and flaky! 

And if you're looking for some high-tea pastries, here they are: 🙌

The cakes at Wheat & Wit are the sort that are quietly pretty, and taste absolutely delicious. It's the type of cake that I would want for my birthday, high teas with my best friends, and that I can confidently recommend to others to buy for birthdays too. It highly depends on what type of flavours you like, again, they are all organic flavours so you can be assured that you will be enjoying au naturel tastes. The Chocolate Raspberry cake was definitely my favourite out of all even though it's really a tough call. The Raspberry Cremeux is a close second, well, because I really like the raspberry element in the cake, the sweet and sour tones are just perfectly balanced and not forceful. 💟

Some pick-me-up coffees at Wheat & Wit for your mandatory cuppa 😏✌

You can share your high tea happiness with your friends and family who didn't come along by getting some from their bakery shelves and pretty boxes!

An overview shot of the gorgeous place! Totally high tea material with the rabbit ears chairs and spacious, high ceilings. Grab your friends and come visit for their pastries now! 😍 

Wheat & Wit @ the Vibe
6376 & 9236, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan
Kampung Stulang Laut
80300 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim

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