Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

Do you want to make the most out of your next trip?

If yes, all you ought to know is that the ultimate key to enjoying your exotic tours is to choose your destination carefully. Always keep in mind that certain scenes and sounds are more thrilling than others out there. Since a lot of fact-checking is required as you search for the most amazing places in the world, it's extremely prudent to compare various regions before you pick awesome holidaying locations.

Most Asian countries often make for unprecedentedly compelling tripping locales. Particularly, Cambodia - a Southeast Asian country with a scintillating landscape marked by low-lying plains, is a perfect example of an awesome holiday choice. As such, highlighted below are a few reasons to chose this exciting location for your next globetrotting spree. Continue reading to discover the top 18 things I love about Cambodia, as well as learn why it should feature in the trim itinerary of every savvy Asian-bound sojourner.

1. Picture-Perfect Beaches & Scenic Islands
You have virtually every plausible reason to grab the best luggage for travel and head to the exhilarating Cambodian beaches. According the rave reviews posted online and in offline periodicals by thousands of sightseers, islands such as Koh Rong Samloem are exactly what Thailand looked like about 20 years ago. These cute, sprawling beaches are an impregnable irresistible sight that you cannot go to the grave without having satisfactorily savored.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

2. A Myriad of Finger-Licking Indigenous Cuisines
Cambodia stands out as a country why the tastiest of Oriental cuisines are served sizzling hot, and chilling cold beverages abound. Whether you're a moderate eater without many distinct dietary preferences or a thoroughly fastidious connoisseur, this is the just right region to tour.Since the country's ensconced within Vietnam to the eastern direction and Thailand to the West, they have perfectly adopted some of the most appetizing menus that define Cambodia as an unbeatable flavorful haven for conservative dieters and keen gastronomes and all.

For starters planning to give this destination a much-deserved shot, below are some of the high-rated Cambodian cuisines, according to tourist stats and reviews:

i. Bai sach chrouk: Usually served throughout the morning, bai sach chrouk is among the most delicious indigenous menus that Cambodia offers.Since the name will almost confound first-timers, the dish simply refers to pork and rice, plus a few flavoring agents and additives meant to enhance palatability and satiety.

According to local master chefs, the toothsome pork is thoroughly grilled and marinated to bring out its naturally authentic taste. On some occasions, the meat may be marinated in garlic or coconut milk for extra tastefulness. This elaborate pork is served with rice and a scrumptious helping of freshly pickled cucumber. Any tripper will enjoy this delectable recipe - a top cadre delicacy that epitomizes the very matchless culinary diversity of the Cambodian people.

ii. Nom banh chok
: This remains favorite to millions of English-speaking sightseers from Europe and the Americas. As an insurmountable evidence of its unbeatable appeal among tourists, the dish has attained an English reference over the years - Khmer noodles. These ingeniously prepared noodles are a breakfast staple that's commonly served sizzling hot by women who carry it around in baskets precariously balanced on their heads.

The meal consists of noodles painstakingly pounded out of high-grade rice, a fish-based green curry gravy extracted from lemongrass, kamir lime, and turmeric root. Other inclusions like mint leaves, well-selected bean sprouts, fresh green beans, some careful measure banana flower, indigenous cucumbers, plus other green veggies. Like many others before you, you'll not doubt enjoy this finger-licking Cambodian dish.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

3. Amazing Local People

Despite the beauty and scenic attributes of a given tourist destination, it won't offer much if the local dwellers are just a collection of antisocial morons. Cambodian people are simply a sharp departure from this demoralizing trend. As such, my top reason to tour Cambodia is the hospitable people. While the general population has yet to recuperate from the wounds inflicted by the infamous Pol Pot maladministration, the welcoming masses have moved on.

4. Awesome Cooking Tours
Whether you're an aspiring chef or a person who dabbles in cookery as a pastime, Cambodia is the right place to go. While here, you'll earn the tricky art of preparing Khmer dishes within short hours and effectively acquaint yourself with Cambodian recipes. It's a fun haven for anyone who likes experimental cooking hacks.

5. Colorful History & Rich Culture

As you tour the larger country, you'll discern that its rich cultural diversity and variegated history is inimitably inspiring and thrilling. Here, you'll sample the Khmer Apsara dance, tour the agricultural markets, and have an eyeful of the serious-faced monks. In the end, you'll definitely come to admit that the locality offers more than the average in terms of resplendent culture and tellingly critical history.

6. Kratie

Kratie is among the most spectacular secrets of the sightseeing track in this Asian region and it's just a quick hop, a mere skip and a short jump measured from the Lao boundary which is the entry-point to the famous 4,000 archipelagos. It is an insurmountable picture-perfect destination to refresh your soul and unwind your overworked mind.

7. Incomparable Jungles

Cambodia showcases elongated miles of exemplary jungle fauna, still teeming with rare wild species. It's simply the highlight of the famed Asian wildlife that attracts millions of fun-seeking globetrotters internationally.

8. Snorkeling & Swimming Opportunities
Cambodia features an extremely long coastline dotted with snow-white sand beaches. With all these marvels, why not sample the Koh Rong archipelago and immerse yourself in the caressing waters of the unmatched Southwestern beach-fronts, and the attractively inviting Long Set Beach?

9. Robust Transport Network

Unlike many other compelling sightseeing sites around the world, Cambodia is outstanding in the sense that it's robust road infrastructure makes it easy travel around the area. Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, is an example of just how fabulous it is to take many short rides and cruises within the country.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

10. Floating Villages

Tonle Sap lake remains the Southeast Asia’s biggest lake and it’s the pride home to well over 100 species of aquatic birds, various turtles, the otter, vast types of crocodiles, etc… and, what's even more captivating, eye-captivating floating villages.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

11. Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat is an imposing Cambodian temple complex and also the hugest religious landmark internationally. It was initially constructed as a foremost Hindu shrine for the enigmatic Khmer Empire, slowly transforming into a grand Buddhist temple some years toward the dawn of the religiously rich 12th century.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

12. The Cambodian Royal Palace

Like many people around the globe, you may not know much about the Cambodian Royalty. This one-of-a-kind facility will give you an insightful glimpse into the immortal testimony of the country's monarchs. Your tour of the Asian nation cannot end without a much-needed stopover at this hair-raising marvel.

13.Banteay Srei

This refers to a fantastic 10th-century Cambodian temple. The religious structure is auspiciously dedicated to the potent Hindu god named Shiva. Whether you're a stanch Zionist, unwavering Hindu adherent, or a moderate Muslim, this eminently sacred monstrosity will baffle you all the same.

14. Bayon

The above reference specifically describes an enduringly famed Cambodian temple. The variously ornamented Khmer temple is a magnificent sight that will get you glued on this singularly spine-tingling sacred structure. Check out whether your program features this detail-filled spot before you set out for Cambodia.

15.The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

To institute a lasting memorial for patriots lost to brutality, Cambodians have archived their worst bits in history here. You'll no doubt have a reflective time exploring this rich goldmine.

16.Choeung Ek

Choeung Ek, the notable location of a dated orchard and burial site of the hapless casualties of the infamous Khmer Rouge - massacred between 1975 and 1979 - an estimated 17 kilometers south of the metropolitan locales of Phnom Penh.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

17. Silver Pagoda

This globally talked-about situated on the southern part of the dated Royal Palace, Phnom Penh. Previously, it was called Wat Ubosoth Ratanaram. This breathtaking temple's formal title is Preah Vihear Preah Keo Morakot, routinely reduced to Wat Preah Keo in Khmer.

18. The Independence Monument
Every country has its own colorful story detailing how they finally broke the yoke of foreign masters to become captains of their destinies. Cambodians have this monument to immortalize their memorable struggles for autonomy.Domiciled in Phnom Penh and put up in 1958 to mark Cambodia's relief from French colonizers in 1953, this a resounding must-visit.

Needless to say, the immensely inviting attractions enumerated in the foregoing sub-headings are not the only singular lures in Cambodia. In fact, there are dozens of other equally convincing reasons to explore this glamorous Asian hideaway. As such, the top 18 adventures highlighted above are simply intended to give you a mere insightful peek into the inexhaustible marvels the country has in store for you.

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

Consequently, you may run a web-based search in order to discover scores of other inestimably welcoming aspects that render Cambodia an inimitable sightseeing choice, before you book your flight to this adventurous nation. Bon voyage!

Top 18 Things I Love about Cambodia

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