What to eat in Dubai: Reem Al Bawadi

This was the beginning, the start of our adventures in Dubai. What better way than a delicious meal at a self-proclaimed Best Arabic Restaurant in Dubai? Hey, that's a really big hat to fill because I can safely say I haven't had a bad meal in Dubai (or the UAE for that matter), so yes, let's go and find out more about Reem Al Bawadi!

First order of things: let's take a selfie! At the Dubai Marina branch, they have a sophisticated indoor restaurant seating and an alfresco area with plush sofa chairs. I thought it might be impractical to choose such a lush fabric choice of furniture, especially to be placed outdoors, but hey, in Dubai it almost never rains! You can even see a bit of Burj Khalifa from certain angles in the alfresco seating area. 

The meal was kickstarted with some Reem Al Bawadi cold mezza mix, which includes the hummus, with earthy and creamy flavours of mashed chickpea, blended with tahiti, olive oil and lemon juice. It was very appetizing! My previous encounters with hummus was not exactly great but I obviously haven't had the real deal. This was fantastic, and even better for people who want a great initiation to Arabic food. The Sharwarma Chicken was tender and flavoured with spices that made it so delicious, it's really 'finger-lickin-good'! We also had the Grilled Salmon Fillet, Fresh Norwegian salmon fillet seasoned with fennel and served with sautéed vegetables. All in all, the dining experience at Reem Al Bawadi was full of rustic flavours of Arabian cuisine and spices that made us craved for more at the end of the meal.

Their  drinks menu is quite extensive, but I settled for my favourite Moroccan mint tea which was super comforting for a cold evening out in Dubai. If you're interested, you can take a look at their full menu here.

Reem Al Bawadi
Opposite Spinney’s,
Marina Walk, Dubai Marina,

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