All The Feels For The Perfect Sunday Brunch: Portico Host

Fix all your life's stresses with the weekend. It's easier now with a new weekend brunch menu at Portico Host! This menu launches this coming weekend, at one of Singapore's most instagrammable cafes ever. You know what to do - find your brunch partner-in-crime and go go go! Everything is better with awesome food with great pictures to take away too.

Coffee, tea, or..? Whichever pick me up you choose, one thing's for sure. They certainly put in a lot of effort for your drinks~ The tea set looks fabulous and the latte I had was considered pretty good as well.

It was a rainy weekend when we headed to Portico Host, but there is nothing to fear at this drop-dead gorgeous cafe setting... even when cast with the gloomiest weather, it has its own charming ways, especially the warming glow indoors. For a moment, this cafe reminded me of Melbourne (to me, that's considered my favourite praise for cafes, at least in terms of ambience). The location of the cafe, housed within a cluster of low-rise buildings, certainly helped to give it a 'far-flung', isolated feel. Can you believe it is only 5 minute walk away from Labrador Park MRT?

Wagyu Beef Burger with Peanut Butter ($18)
immediately struck a chord in me. Perhaps I was hungry, but I must say this burger is quite, quite amazing. The crunchy, nutty taste of the thick gooey peanut butter slathered onto the juicy and fragrant wagyu beef patty is a combination made in heaven. I was quite enthralled by this odd decision to put them together, though I was glad it was done. I really liked this beef burger!!

I don't really get this dish, perhaps it is trying to be healthy? The spinach stuffed pocket was quite the overkill for me, even though it was executed quite well, I felt like it wasn't as indulging as I wished brunch could be. Nevertheless, if you're dying to maintain your diet streak, this is still quite a reasonably tasty one for such a spinach-centric dish.

Next, the Host Big Breakfast Pan ($24) was an assortment of the usual breakfast party with sunny side ups, sausages, roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, pan fried bacon and a side of garden veg. It would probably be great for those who can't decide what they want, you get a bit of everything. Or it would be popular with kids. But I personally didn't find it particularly enticing, especially for its price (I would still go for the wagyu beef burger).

Don't expect the Fluffy Hot Cakes ($15) to have a light airy pancake texture, instead, it's really more like sweet cake. The assorted berries strewn around sends sweet and sour juicy notes tingling, while the malty oatmeal taste brings earthy flavours to the table. 

Egg Lava ($15) is actually Portico Host's version of eggs benedict, with spins of using a pan fried rosti as the base. It was a tad too greasy for me. The saving grace was the perfect poached eggs and the hollandaise sauce which had more lemon juice than usual. 

Granola ($15) is great, and everyone loved it. I have to give props to the team for making something so healthy to taste so addictive, with the right balance of sweet and sour flavours, crunchy cereal bits in every bite.

Portico Host
991B Alexandra Road #01-10
Singapore 119970

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