Best Roasted Duck of JB: Ya Wang Johor Bahru

I am all for trying new restaurants around JB, but there's one place that I recently visited again because I missed their delicious herbal roasted ducks so much! Just the thought of it is mouthwatering enough. This place is Restoran Ya Wang 鸭皇药材烧腊大王, also the official advisor for Dian Xiao Er's herbal roasted ducks.

When we entered this Chinese restaurant, the sprightly old lady ushered us into a seat. The entire place feels like it is stuck in the early 2000s, with its plastic red chairs and round tables. People stream in and out endlessly in this popular restaurant despite its off-centre location. The wall is plastered with one huge whiteboard with delicious-sounding menu items that make me want to order everything at one go, I was completely spoilt for choice. When in doubt, ask the sprightly old lady, she will be able to recommend some dishes that are especially good that day - depending on their luck at the market, seasonal ingredients, etc!

Whole duck portion
Half duck portion
Of course, definitely don't miss out on their herbal ducks. They are not called Ya Wang (Duck Emperor) for nothing! Half a duck is a comfortable portion for three people to share, but because it is uncontrollably yummy, you might want to get a whole duck (if you are not ordering anything else). The herbal taste is rich and fragrant, seeps deep into the tender and chewy duck meat, and it is truly addictive. One slice after another, I couldn't stop. Drizzle that herbal duck sauce essence all over your piping hot white rice and I could have it forever.

On both occasions, the lady recommended to us the Nyonya Fish, a tangy sweet and assam-heavy sour sauce that definitely provided fantastic tastebuds tingling kicks. The fish was especially tender and smooth too, and I totally couldn't stop eating it until I reached my limit (I am sounding like a glutton now, but it really is bravo).


The char siew and vegetables, unfortunately, was disappointing. So don't bother with those.

For people who are bad with directions, you are highly advised to look at the map carefully instead of 'going with the flow' because it is quite hard to find. Look out for this giant yellow signboard!

Restoran Ya Wang 鸭皇药材烧腊大王
28 Jalan Segget, Bandar Johor Bahru
80000 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia

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