Double-Boiled Tasty Soups From Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

Want to explore the depths of Geylang but have no idea how to start, where to go?! OK, for a start, let me direct you to this three-generations time-honoured Chinese restaurant - Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant. I know it's a place I will re-visit time and again whenever I go to Geylang, which means I will never get to other places... but I have to emphasize: their double-boiled soups are incredibly fantastic. Made from recipes passed down generation to generation, this is something you don't want to miss.

We started with some earthy, delicious yam rice which was moist, fluffy and thoroughly seasoned. The yam was also cooked till soft and mushy. It was very well-executed despite it being just a simple dish that most restaurants overlook. I would definitely recommend this to go along with the soups if you need something heavier to pair them with.

The turtle soups are the highlight of the restaurant! If you haven't tried turtle soup, or are averse towards them, you would probably be relieved to know that these turtles are in no way endangered. They are farmed and are very sustainable options for food (even more so than various fish types). Besides, they are also sourced legally from a local supplier. The turtle soup is double-boiled to a rich collagen consistency, and every mouthful is heavenly. craving for this yet?The turtle 'back' is especially chewy in texture that pairs well with the soup. Isn't the foodie in you craving for this yet?!

You can try them in clear-broiled soup (SGD14 /19 depending on size) or claypot soup, as shown in the picture (SGD24/39/50/65 depending on size).

Nourishing, rich double-boiled soups that got everyone wide-eyed, thinking of the same thing: it's been a long time since we've had something so good. It tastes of the best soups that come from our childhoods, and now it's super rare to find them in Singapore. Both the cordyceps white chicken soup (SGD13) and ginseng black chicken soup (SGD13) are first boiled overnight before double boiling it to create that thick collagen textured soup. The cordyceps one is more sweet and light-tasting with a distinct flavour of the cordyceps which make it really enjoyable, while the ginseng one is a lot more intense in flavour. They certainly spare no punches in the ginseng!

Cordyceps white chicken or ginseng black chicken? I would say depending on the weather - go for the ginseng on rainy days and it'll certainly fill your guts in the most heartwarming way.

Turtle eggs are another major rarity in today's times, but if you're up for it, try it here as well, they serve them in bowls of turtle eggs that burst with yolk when you bite into it. Definitely don't miss this gem of a place out when you are into a food hunt around Geylang. Life's too short for regrets.

A picture with the new, third-generation young boss of this incredible restaurant - Allan.
Support young owners that are keeping our food traditions alive!

Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant
29 Lor Bachok
Singapore 387791

Closed on Thursdays

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