I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB

I had to go to Mount Austin in JB three times and yet somehow never had the chance to go to JWC Café, and that got me quite frustrated. But this place made an old-but-gold quote true: Good things are truly worth waiting for! We brave a tropical torrential rain to get to this relatively far-flung standalone café nestled in an industrial zone... and the moment we entered, the satisfaction is triplefold. JWC is not just a café, but also a coffee roaster and a coffee appreciation / barista training workshop place.

This place looked amazeballs and immediately, I mentally noted it as one of the contenders as my 'favourite cafe' in JB! I dig "industrial chic x grunge" vibes quite a bit, and this was the perfect combination.

What we saw: high ceilings, a cool edgy refurbished factory with a mezzanine dining area.
What we could detect: inescapable coffee fumes
What we felt: 'hidden gem' feels with the non-descript exterior

But in reality, not a hidden find because everyone has been headed here since eons ago.
If you haven't been here and you're put off by the distance... it will be worth it.

The service was incredibly warm from the onset, it was pouring crazily outside and when the young service crew team saw there were visitors, they rushed to open the door to let us in. Fuzzy feels! From then on, the service was impeccable! Their attention to detail and response rate is certainly on par with, or even better than higher-end restaurants.

When I first got the menu, I flipped it over frantically to look for food (hangry!) and only after deciding what I wanted to eat, I looked at the first page... wow, I was impressed that their menu is quite a close impression of a 'working machine' manual!!

The pages across the menu did not just showcased food, but even the details of coffee machines, the origins of their coffees, etc. The menu was very beautifully done up, and it even stopped this hangry boy in his tracks while searching for food.

While waiting for our food, I could not help but stare at the coffee bean bags hanging on the ceiling! Each of them has its source printed on it, and it is really fun to look at where they all come from. Perhaps they are the reason why JWC has a natural coffee fragrance all around.

Happy to finally visit JWC and it turns out to be awesome.

I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB

Of course I got my favourite mocha, and of course JWC has to exceed expectations on latte art! I was so thrilled to see such an intricate and cute latte art when I didn't even request for anything in particular. And it tasted great! The mocha was more of the mainstream kinda "good coffee" (ie. milkier, and sweeter). Good for me, since I am less tolerant towards strong caffeine nowadays.

The big breakfast was super appetizing and also, photogenic. I love how the scrambled eggs are separated in a tiny little saucepan, such that it doesn't mix with the other items (pet peeve!) and everything in here was so on-point, the ingredients used were fresh and sweet! I mean I would think it's not hard to screw up a big breakfast but it's been long since we found something like this.

Smoked Ham & Egg Sandwich Bagels (RM26.90) was absolutely delicious. I can't get enough of everything, the salted smoked ham, the soft milky scrambled eggs, the sautéed mushrooms... even the nachos dip was so tasty. It is impossible not to love this. And isn't it the perfect brunch? Nutritious and slightly indulgent! The portion was also just nice for me.

I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB

Smiling but dying inside.
I want to eat!!

I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB

So beautiful, what a pretty world~

I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB

There is nothing much to do around this area except to take hipster road shots!
#puddlegram too after the torrential rain day

I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB  
We left one of our umbrellas behind and so we're definitely coming back for I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! But I want to try more of their items as well, maybe some of the cakes too! Except for the fact that it is a tad far from the customs, I would say safely that this is my favourite café in JB.

I Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30! - Favourite Cafe Contender in JB

Just Want Coffee Cafe Factory 30
30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3
Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia

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