West Siders Tze Char Fix: KEK Pandan Gardens

West Siders Tze Char Fix: KEK Pandan Gardens

Family-run tze char restaurant Keng Eng Kee had its beginnings at Havelock Road, and had expanded to Pandan Gardens early last year. Since then, business has been flourishing with its inventive tze char dishes that does not involve adding salted egg to everything, as well as perennial classics that we all love. So rejoice West-sider foodies, you've got one more place to explore! One thing is for sure, won't be your run of the mill place, so prepare your tastebuds for some delicious new dishes.

West Siders Tze Char Fix: KEK Pandan Gardens

The Mingzhu Rolls ($12/3 pcs) was one of the first dishes that caught my eye immediately with its sinful offers of prawns, mushrooms, salted egg, ham, and Chinese parsley stuffed in a fried golden pocket. They are presented in halves, and you can dip it in the mayonnaise sauce provided if you'd like. My take on this was that it was savoury and enticing, not overly greasy. The portion was significant for a "side dish". I would recommend to order this for some sharing. 

West Siders Tze Char Fix: KEK Pandan Gardens

When I first read the name: Cereal Fried Rice with Strawberries (SGD10), my reaction was: "What, strawberries with rice? Who does that?"

But curiosity and confidence in the KEK brand got us to order it in the end. I scooped up a spoonful of cereal rice and a slice of strawberry, trying it as a combination. It was... strange but strangely acceptable and pleasant. The cereal was fragrant with its malty wafts, and the strawberry counteract its dryness with a spang of juices. Tender pieces of boneless chicken hides within the folds of the cereal rice.

West Siders Tze Char Fix: KEK Pandan Gardens

Finally, we had one of the most common suspects on a tze char dinner table: Prawn Paste Chicken also known as the Har Cheong Gai (SGD10)! Having tried the creative items, it was heartwarming to have something familiar as well. Their Har Cheong Gai spared no punches in the prawn paste. Strong prawn flavours covered the entire tender chicken wing, and it was indeed finger lickin good. Certified delicious!

This portion is great for two people, but if you're coming in a bigger group you can order some of their classic signatures such as the Moonlight Hor Fun, Coffee Pork Ribs, Marmite Chicken, Wok Hei Burgers, to add on to the variety. Remember to me reservations too because it tends to be quite crowded here. ;)

West Siders Tze Char Fix: KEK Pandan Gardens

KEK Pandan Gardens
200 Pandan Gardens, #01-12
Singapore 609336

After the delightful meal at KEK Pandan Gardens, we wandered about and discovered My Little Ice-Cream Shop by PGFN, an ice-cream and waffles kind of dessert place just a few doors down! It's such a blessing considering I was really itching for something sweet.

What better way than ice-cream, really? :) This is a really quiet joint considering this neighbourhood isn't particularly bustling with people. The staff is nice, and the ice-cream here is pretty decent too. Not something I'd travel down for, but if I'm already here, why not.

My Little Ice-Cream Shop by PGFN
150 Pandan Gardens #01-07
Singapore 609335

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