Yomoda Soba Good Time At Wisma Atria

Soba is like the forgotten cousin of ramen, but on days where you are just craving for something light and appetizing, you know it's good ol' dependable food. Yomoda Soba from Tokyo is here in Singapore!!! I had the chance to try one of the best soba in Singapore last week here in Wisma Atria. Don't take it from me, if you're a soba lover, try it to believe it! Yomoda Soba is a newly-opened restaurant that specializes in handmade Soba made fresh daily using 100% buckwheat flour from Japan. It is just about the most authentic soba source you can enjoy here.

Not just the soba noodles, but all their ingredients included buckwheat flour, udon flour, wheat flour (for tempura), kasha sauce for soba soup and dashi stock and rice are all imported from Japan. The soba is also made from only the 'real center' portion of buckwheat, which results in a characteristically elegant fragrance and pure white colour of Sarashina soba. I could taste the freshness in soba noodles that are made in-house, in its natural sweetness and qq texture! It was a really big portion of soba noodles but I had no trouble finishing them up.

Cold or hot soba? You can choose which one you prefer, of course, it's up to your personal preference but I definitely like them cold! Pop the scallions and a dollop of wasabi into the dashi stock made from light soy sauce, mackerel, sardines, bonito, kelp and shiitake mushrooms and you're ready to slurp up the delicious noodles.

To enjoy this lovely soba with some delicious deep-fried tempura, go for the Tempura Seiro Soba. The tempura here is way less greasy than usual, with a wide variety of pumpkin, prawn, chicken, braised pork, green peas and more types of tempura in a bowl. It was fun to try so many different tempuras and biting into it to find that the ingredients used were so fresh and sweet.

Not enough for you?
You can always upsize your soba noodles to a 'large' serving with a top-up of SGD3.

Favourite corner of Yomoda Soba

Cozy and very Japanese style of restaurant layout that is conducive for all combination of diners: great for dates, groups of friends or even your own solo soba time! After all, Yomoda means 'carefree' and 'easy-going' in Japanese. So you can be sure it will be a relaxing and laidback place to enjoy some Japanese soba.

Wisma Atria Level 4 Japan Food Town,
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

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