One of The Best Japanese Restaurants in SG - Ippin Cafe Bar

Impress your other half on date nights with Ippin Café Bar's new menu with the freshest ingredients from Kesennuma Shishiori, one of the world's three largest fishing grounds. Sustainable seafood is key in their culinary ethics, but for me, all I can taste is amazing freshness and tantalizing natural flavours. The foodie in me was approving every dish throughout the meal. I was certainly pleased with Ippin after experiencing the recent lull in Singapore's food scene.

Let's start off on a high, with easily the most appetite-whetting bowl of Ikura Donburi (SGD35) in Singapore. Or maybe in the whole Southeast Asia region. How could this not be the best when they handpick every single ikura you see in the picture? Apparently, every single ikura that do not make the cut will be removed, and those selected will be frozen within 2 hours to maintain its freshness. Y'know, Japanese perfection standards. Every single ikura is sorted into categories according to size, and fun fact - there are two types of ikura in this bowl. Every one of them pops to the freshest and sweetest salmon roe juice I have ever tasted. Well, this is definitely a game changer for me, and for you people who loves ikura dons, try this one to reward yourself. You won't regret.

Tuna is one of their main produce in Kesennuma Shishiori, and that is how they source for the main ingredient in the Spicy Tuna Hand Rolled Sushi (SGD12). Certainly, you can really taste the difference immediately, with a light sweetness of the tuna fish, and the sushi was made with the warmth of the chef's hands, just like the way it is done in Japan.

This is such an indulgence with the thick slices of bonito fish carefully selected, and then baked to keep its juiciness and to remove fishiness. These Seared Bonito Sushi (SGD12) are little sushi pops of delight indeed.

Grilled Pacific Saury with Garlic Oil (SGD15) includes the sanma fish is smoked till the bones are soft, edible and tasty, then grilled with garlic oil. This is best washed down with sake and beers.

They have no lack of sakes here, and really good ones too!
Strong bases and get me to a woozy happy state without all that headache.

These cute round riceballs are Salmon Flake Rice Ball with Tororo Konbu Flake (SGD11), containing salmon flakes and sesame and sea tangle. It has an earthy, nutty flavour to it, very mildly seasoned. It is great if you are looking for something simpler.

Then, we had another life-changing dish which I highly recommend!!! The Classic Salted Squid Guts with Cream Cheese (SGD5) which tastes as amazing as it sounds weird. The squid guts are savoury and saltish, hitting the points on my tastebuds that are made for delicious stuff. I didn't know it was squid guts when I tried it, and I really took a liking to it before asking what it was. This homemade salted squid guts with cream cheese is made by Chef Taka, and apparently very popular with adults and children in Japan. It's not hard to see why at all.

They also sell canned fish in Ippin Café Bar - you might think that canned food is full of preservatives and is unhealthy, but in Japan, these are actually regarded as their "second freshest" option after harvesting straight! We tasted it straight out of the can (after immersing the can in boiling water to heat), and indeed, I would not doubt it a moment it was fresh.

They have an amazing array of other Japanese food stocks if you are interested, so go ahead and shop away! Yes, you can be "Japanese" too in your cooking with the help of all these condiments and ingredients.

Ippin Cafe Bar
18 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967

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