Dubai-Dubai~ Burj Khalifa & The Biggest Mall Ever - Dubai Mall!

Another day out and about in Dubai and of course, the world-class attraction of the Burj Khalifa cannot be missed. Strikingly tall in the cityscape of Dubai, you literally will not be able to miss it, at least from a distance away. Breathtaking as it is, we have got to go up close and personal with it. 😍

As with most tall buildings, it is super difficult to take a selfie with it.
I guess this unicorn selfie will do. 🦄

Even just sitting on the steps and admiring the pool before the building is lovely, albeit the afternoon sun sprangling diamonds from the water reflection into our eyes. The bustle of the tourist crowds hummed along, and there is always a holiday feel in the air.

Inside the Dubai Mall - also the largest shopping mall in the world - there is a huge indoor aquarium and underwater zoo! Even if you don't pay 55dirhams to explore the underwater world, you get to view quite a spectacular amount of aquatic wildlife from the acrylic panel. The fishes are super active and they just zoom round and round the huge glass tank. I was wondering how many Nemoes and Dories there are in this tank...

And then we found this cool light display somewhere, I cannot remember exactly where, somewhere near the corner escalators... #mosthelpfulblogger

At a candy shop within the mall, they are incredibly generous as well, with samples for their visitors.

We had some cakes and tea at Angelina too for the afternoon in Dubai Mall, one of the best afternoon chilling spots around. There were so many cakes and we were so spoilt for choice!

Sooo when is Shake Shack coming to Singapore? I had my first Shake Shack in Dubai then, and it has stuck with me ever since. I mean, does anyone make burgers as well as they do? It's a chain, yes, but it certainly is one of my guilty pleasures.

Thereafter we went to look at the Fountain Show outside of Dubai Mall - it was spectacular with sky-high water jets, lights and music! 😍 But it was equally packed with tourists and really hard to get a proper photo - my take on it is that, don't bother with photos, just enjoy the show 😉

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