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Bird nest has always been my favourite Chinese dessert delicacy of choice. A huge part of this is owed to how rare I get to eat it and its watery soft and lovely texture. So imagine the mix of wonderment and awe when I saw this bird nest themed café, Nesture, that has launched in Singapore! What kind of interesting "café items" with bird nest could they spin? Are they for real?
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Nailing the décor: perfect for high tea
For a start, Nesture aced their décor and theme. A classy, grand white marble counter top greets all their visitors,  and everywhere else is dressed in hues of Tiffany blue, white and mint. Most of the vessels in the café is made of glass for the dainty and Pinterest-worthy feel from whichever angle you turn around.

Not just a pretty face
Nesture is certainly not just a pretty café, but it is serious in the bird nest business. Farmed ethically and imported from Jakarta, the bird nest used and sold in this café is emphasized to be 100% unbleached. The owner behind Nesture, Mr Jack Tan, points out that it is rare that we can find unbleached bird nest in the market now due how labour intensive the cleaning process is. The lack of commercial, synthetic treatment of the bird nest help to preserve it in its original, purest and most nutritious form. The sure-fire way to identify unbleached bird nest is to taste the natural egg-white flavour when it is boiled! Bleached bird nest comes off with a 'chemical' taste and smell, which is often masked with plenty of rock sugar. There is often no more nutrition left in the latter case. Nesture champions for unbleached bird nest, and uses them in the desserts that they make.


Triple your love for bird nest with these dainty little cakes presented in little glass tubs. Generously topped with a dollop of bird nest, take your pick among these: Mango Pomelo Panna Cotta, Baileys Tiramisu or Gula Melaka Creme Brulee at SGD8.90 each. While the bird nest really had not much impact on the overall taste when competing with way stronger flavours, I preferred the tiramisu the best for its good execution.

If you are feeling a little under the weather, some of these cool bird nest drinks would certainly revive you. You can opt between the nourishing ginseng bird nest or the rock sugar bird nest drinks! The ginseng bird nest tends to be slightly less sweet than your usual drink.

Out of everything in Nesture, my favourite section has got to be the cakes (other than the pure bird nest, of course). I really appreciated how skilful the dessert chef is with their cake selections, each of them are so delicious, sparing no punches in the freshness and quality of ingredients in each cake. Obviously, I took them also because I really liked the flavours they picked as well: Mango, Chocolate (my favourite!) and Lychee Bandung. The dessert chef definitely has a knack for chocolate desserts, because he aced the brownie cake as well! I normally do like Matcha, but I felt that the matcha taste was lacking in this... Each of these cakes do have a premium tag to it as well at SGD6.90 per piece.

Do you fancy some macarons? With bird nest nestled in between the sweet macaron shells?

For the traditionalists at heart, there are 'typical' Chinese desserts here in Nesture.  Or just to pamper your Mums and Aunties without forcing them to try new-fangled desserts, there is the Orh Nee with Bird's Nest served with Coconut Milk (SGD12.90). Every bite is smooth and definitely better than your average Chinese restaurant, and what's more, you get a fresh healthy and generous serving of bird nest in your orh nee.

I am not sure what to make of the Waffle with Bird's Nest and Ice Cream (SGD14.90), but I guess if your girlfriend is crazy over waffles with ice-cream all the time, you can up the ante with this.

You can buy little pots of bird nest here. Remember, the bird nest here is not artificially refined as generic mainstream big brand shops, and retain 100% of the nutrients that you should be getting from natural bird nest. My skin certainly improved leaps and bounds after this tasting session - much better than any skincare products I have used in the past year. Sooo if your mother or girlfriends have been complaining of being overworked / bad skin, you know what is a really thoughtful gift for them ;)

They come in beautiful packaging too, and it's an all-year round lovely present to gift.

491 River Valley Road
Singapore 248371

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