Taste the natural marvels of Japanese fisheries with Table at 7

Oh, the marvels of what the Japanese chefs can do with the ingredients harvested from Kesennuma Shishiori, one of the world's three largest fishing grounds! Table at 7 use these ingredients to create several delicious items that got us droolin' for them! Any fresher, you have to farm (and cook) it yourself.

We started with one of the most appetizing salads - Salad Nicoise with Spicy Tuna. The tuna was actually canned, but the Japanese's canned food is different in that their expiry dates are actually shorter, they have way less unnatural preservatives, which makes it a healthy food option for even children. Taste-wise, I couldn't tell it was canned at all (too used to the typical Southeast Asian canned food) because it tasted very fresh. The medley of cucumbers, quail eggs and cherry tomatoes make for a refreshing start.

Pomelo Salad with Konbu, Crispy Anchovy and Salmon Flake is another salad choice, this is slightly more earthy, sour and spicy. It appeals to different tastebuds as the first salad. I personally prefer the other one which is more 'mainstream', but I foresee people liking this one as well.

I love how they play up the idea of Singapore's chilli crab, with a generous amount of crab fillings on each mantou bun. These Chilli Crab on Mantou Buns definitely got our heart with its sweet, tangy and spicy flavours! I'm hungry just thinking about these.

For those who love Shepherd's Pie, this is very similar, except it is stuffed with Creamy Salted Salmon Flakes in the Hot Pie instead. Break through the buttery and fragrant flaky hot pie crust and you can reach out for the tantalizing chunks of salmon right inside. Pair it with the crust and it is simply heavenly to enjoy. Compliments to the chef who deserve extra praise, this is very well-done indeed.

They have Shark Meatballs Soup as well here. Contrary to immediate first thoughts - Shark Meatballs are not cruelly attained like shark's fin. It is a very sustainable form of food source in Kesennuma Shishiori, Japan. It is actually a very popular dish among children as it is so tasty! I love how thick and comforting the soup is. I would love to have it on a rainy day!

Table at 7
7 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967

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