Fairy lights & chill out seafood restaurant bar - Gills N Shells

T'was a night of laughter, love and friendship, in a place with incredible good vibes and seafood at Gills N Shells. The best pleasant surprise that this place brings is that it is actually in the central area of Singapore near Lavender MRT, and yet it is not stuffed to the brim like shopping malls or Orchard area. This is a hidden gem that my friend, Michelle (@michhysaurous) introduced to a group of us! I certainly would not have known by chance, and even though it was slightly difficult to find, I fell in love with the place immediately when I saw the fairy lights... :) #IAmTooEasilyBoughtOver

For those who love oysters, definitely begin the night by upping your game with some Oyster Shooters (SGD9.90)! With a fresh and plump oyster infused in vodka, these shooters are out to give you one of the most unforgettable experiences! Enjoying raw oysters this way seem to elevate the juiciness of the oyster, so if you're a fan, don't miss this one out. 

Next up, a very Mexican-inspired crab nacho chips (SGD10.90) side dish to munch on while we await for the rest of the dishes, with a sprinkling of jalapenos, kidney beans, feta cheese, and even fresh crab meat! Dip into the rich and salty nacho cheese for the full enjoyment of this dish. It was such a guilty pleasure to have nacho chips during dinner, especially one with a different spin to the normal nacho chips!

We also tried the Fried Salmon Skin (SGD9.90), a savoury and appetite-whetting side dish with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to taste. Dip with the wasabi mayo - this combination is pretty delicious.

Here comes my favourite dish of the night - the Spicy Buffalo Frog Legs (SGD16.90)!!! These were really finger-lickingly delicious. Yes, they are "frog legs" - but they are so huge I thought they were chicken wings! Seriously, Gills N Shells only use buffalo frog legs from Vietnam and that's where they got such a huge, juicy ones! It had the tenderness and juiciness of chicken wings but it has a lot more meat, and not as much fats - I love how they actually refined one of the most well-loved dishes ever on the dinner table 😍

There was also this fusion dish - the Hae Bee Hiam pasta with soft shell crab (SGD18.90)! Apparently this was a customers' favourite that have grown to become one of Gills N Shells's signature dishes. This hae bee hiam pasta packed a strong spicy punch with a distinctive fragrance, and encapsulated what it was meant to be "hae bee hiam" indeed!

The highlight of the night was their spectacular - "All in One Steamed Seafood Basket" (SGD88, U.P SGD123.10)! JUST LOOK AT THAT. They have so much stuffed in the dimsum basket, including lobsters, oysters, clams, salmon, scallops, prawns and all in their naturally sweet taste! There is no way you can get away if any of it isn't fresh enough - steaming seafood is the greatest test of all. A downside is that some of the seafood is overcooked as some of the items require less time to reach optimum condition, so while this is awesome to look at - you can opt for the individual small dimsum baskets with specific seafood that you like!! I definitely choose the prawns, scallops and oysters which are my favourite from this basket :)

You can also dip in 5 different types of sauces for a change of taste as you try the whole basket: Cocktail Sauce, Thai Sweet Chilli, Garlic Mayo, Wasabi Mayo and Zesty Lim Green Chilli Sauce

Gills N Shells
500 Jalan Sultan
Hotel Boss #01-19
Singapore 199020

Walk to the back of the hotel towards the park connector canal to find Gills N Shells.

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