Riding A Camel in Rub'al Khali

This is the last of my UAE travel series - till the next time I'm here, that is! We woke up in the desert resort of Tiwal Liwa the next day! While admiring the great desert is awesome at the beginning, we began to realize there is nothing much to do in this part of Rub'al Khali except to enjoy their buffet breakfast, riding a camel and an ATV! These are the main desert activities to last you for half a day before you'll become really bored as a tourist here.

But we only have half a day left here, so here we go:

We had to sign an indemnity form before we start everything.
P/S: Only people with driving license could drive the ATV, the rest has to ride as pillion.

It was really exhilarating to go on the ATV and go sand dune bashing with it! You could go as far as you wanted but it got a bit scary the further we went because there literally is no one. You could turn back and not see the resort in the horizon at all, and mirages do happen. It was pretty cool.

Then the highlight of the desert trip - having some alone time with the camel! It was quite a challenge getting on it because it was perpetually 'slanted backwards', and when he got up from his knees, I had to grab onto the little handlebar on his back really tightly, otherwise I would certainly slip. We went for a little walk around the desert, not sure if the camel's walking me or the other way round... It was a bit nausea-inducing to be on the camel too due to the back and forth rocking motion, not sure how do people survive on camels for days on end!

But this little guy just accompany tourists around this small area of the desert every day, trotting about.. it reminded me of the elephant-riding in Bangkok where they abused elephants to make them follow orders. But at least I could see the staff treating the camels quite well, allowing them to stay in the shade when there are no tourists and letting them chill and drink water whenever they need. Only one human allowed on the camel at any one time, so the camels will also not be overloaded with too much weight.

Totally channelling Aladdin vibes here.

So tell me Princess, now when did you last let your heart decide... a whole new world~


Going back towards the resort after the ride...

Riding on the ATV with my sister ♥

This marks the end of the whole UAE trip!
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Till the next time ♥ xoxo

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