Shanghai Nights: The City That Glitters

Shanghai by night is mesmerizing. No two ways about it, the glittering lights in this city can make anyone giddy with amazement on their first night here. It was also pretty chilly for the month of May, the beginning of summer days. A thin jacket would hardly suffice, but thank goodness I have my portable human jacket with me :>

After a quick break back at our accommodation, we headed out again, first to the famous four-way overhead crossing.

If you watched enough Ode To Joy (or other Chinese shows based in Shanghai), you would recognize it because the characters love to walk down this path. It is very photogenic and characteristic of Shanghai. Definitely take a picture over here as it is quite representative of the city~ It leads into more high-end shopping malls reminiscent of Printemps of Paris and ION of Singapore. If you are a city dweller, nothing new. 

We were very close to the Oriental Pearl Tower as well, and in fact too close to get a good shot of the full tower. It is sparkly and pretty, even more impressive up close!

Touristy pictures ~

The Oriental Pearl Tower changes colours on whim, and you can catch all kinds of different combinations if you'd stayed long enough.

For dinner, we already thought of going for some Din Tai Fung even though it is so conventional. You know when the craving hits, you can't do anything else but to answer it, ok?! Turns out to be one of the best meals in my life :> OK less so because of the food - you know DTF is always dependable when it comes to food quality, but I was just so happy to be in Shanghai and so excited to go to the Bund thereafter!! As the Bund (and our accommodation) is right on the bank of the other side of the river, we wanted to find some kind of bridge or tunnel to walk across it, and by a stroke of genius, we found this:

A magical tunnel of lights!!!

Aka. The Waitan (The Bund) Sightseeing Tunnel

It was a really delightful ride despite how pricey it is for a short distance. It was comparable to an amusement park ride, *super trippy* with the changing lights and colours. It was like being in a kaleidoscope! I am sure kids will be thrilled (Or traumatized. Depending.) with this ride!!!

Price: 50RMB (one-way), 70RMB (round trip)

You'd probably pay lesser for a cab, but in that region, it's quite difficult to get a cab without walking out at least for another 5-10 minutes.

It probably isn't in trend between 1995 - 2016, but now trippy stuff is back.
So the tunnel is cool again.

And we are finally at the Bund!! The view was just downright unbeatable. Skyscrapers lined the entire Huangpu River on the opposite bank, with gentle blinking lights of all colours of the rainbow.. The pulse of the entire city, right at the Bund. 

Strolling down the Bund after dinner is one of the most romantic things to do :) On this side of the river, there are many important government functions housed in British colonial architecture, all of which fascinating to observe.

Charging Bull is a bronze sculpture that stands in the Financial District in Manhattan, New York, also prominently featured on the stretch in this financial hub. It is a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, meant for good luck. Can't resist but to take a picture like a typical tourist. What to do.. :D

Then right before we ended the night, we headed straight for Miniso (a couple of streets away)... and knowing that we are so near our accommodation, we went crazy with the shopping. Ha. That winds up the evening in Shanghai~ Look out for the next post! I write these posts on delayed train rides (thanks to SMRT). Therefore, expect more posts to come in quick succession. Till then, good night! xx
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