The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2019 [Updated]

Can I have everything pleaseeee? 

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015
This is the ultimate foodie Sydney wishlist, but it's almost impossible and slightly too extravagant to complete them all in one journey. Don't be discouraged.. that's what return trips are for, eh? But here's one for the record. Are you ready yet? Grab what you can while you're in this harbour city.

1. Maybe Sammy | The Rocks

Cue the newly opened Maybe Sammy, a classic cocktail bar with its interior screaming 1950s Hollywood and Vegas. Though food is not the focus at Maybe Sammy, outshone by its extensive list of signature cocktails and a selection of spirits, wines and beers, it is certainly not an afterthought. Helmed by Maybe Frank’s chefs, the kitchen whips up bar food offerings that complement perfectly with their drinks, such as a delicate paper-thin blue corn taco with lavender-marinated salmon, avocado, corn and coriander, or a bagel with chunk strips of Wagyu pastrami.

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

2. Devon Cafe | Surry Hills
If you only have one morning for one cafe, Devon Cafe should be your pick. A local favourite and dishing up some wondrous brunch selections. You don't have to think twice about going here, only potentially ordering double portions and having it all to yourself. Hint: The Little Lost Bread and Breakfast with the Sakuma's are pretty divine.

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015
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3. Black Star Pastry | Newtown

Every mention of the watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry leaves me sour-faced. If there's anything to learn from my experience, it's to book your watermelon cake in advance and/or arrive at Black Star Pastry early. Their watermelon cakes sell faster than hotcakes so... anytime after-noon is dangerous. It is actually necessary to be competitive about this. Whoever said food-hunting isn't a sport? Postscript - the sister variant of Black Star's watermelon cake is the strawberry cake which is very popular too.

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

4. Cow and The Moon | Enmore
The best gelato is stationed only a mere 700 metres away from Black Star Pastry. Cow and The Moon was crowned champion during the Gelato World Tour for its almond affogato flavour, and has since attracted mobs to the quiet suburb of Enmore. Be prepared for some stressful gelato flavour decision-making process. Its smooth and rich consistency is really quite enjoyable, whether or not it is the 'best', is definitely still up for discussion. Gelato Messina is close behind to send Cow and The Moon on a run for its money.

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

5. Grounds of Alexandria | Alexandria
It only made perfect sense to visit The Grounds of Alexandria which spans across market space, outdoor bars, gardens and neat cafe areas for the holistic Australian experience of just chillin' here. They just announced their expansion into Sydney CBD, which would make it a lot easier for those who aren't driving and dependent on their erratic public transport.

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015
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6. Aqua S | Sydney CBD
Aqua S, note this name down. This is the secret address of dream factory - the original and where in Sydney you need to be. Here you will find savoury and sweet soft serves twisted as one: seasalt & tiramisu are one of the killer combinations.

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

7. Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam | Haymarket
So many bowls of pho have come and gone, but this remains my favourite of all. I want to say that my favourite city's pho is the best, but I can't lie. Sydney's Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam has my heart and stomach both conquered with its unbeatable silky pho noodles, piquant, tasty, clear beef broth... I literally slurped up the whole bowl without speaking to anyone. Eating can sometimes be a rude affair, but what to do when I'm dealing with good stuff like this?

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

8. Mamak | Haymarket
You see it right. Your food hunt has led you to the Australian city that houses the country's best restaurant and if you can get past the queues, you will find yourself a table dining on the best Malaysian food off-shore from the originating country itself. Mamak has three outlets in the world: Haymarket, Chatswood, Melbourne. All of which are mobbed. Mobbed!!!

The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

9. Sydney Fish Markets
Even a seafood allergy does not seem like a valid reason to avoid the Sydney Fish Markets. Oysters, sashimi, crabs, lobsters... you name it, they have it. If you are feeling fancy, it is perfectly acceptable to lay out your checked picnic mat and start sipping on red wine. Seagulls abound though, so hang onto your food.

10. Manly Wine | Manly

Craving mouth-watering and Instagram worthy food? Hit up Manly Wine this Spring with its recent menu additions, pok√© cones and kombucha cocktails (limited time only). Wrap your hands around the Hawaiian-influenced poke cones filled with a choice of rice and salad and two available protein – salmon and crispy tofu – for a scrumptious snack. Next, wash them down with three thirst-quenching and refreshing kombucha cocktails: Spring Sour, Cherry Pop and the Kombucha Mule. Aside from their specials, hit up other menu items that are worth trying, such as their roasted Spanish mackerel with heirloom beets and goats curd. Don’t forget to stop by for a lazy stroll along Manly beach afterwards – voted one of the top 25 beaches in the world on Trip Advisor.
The Ultimate Sydney Foodie Wishlist 2015

11. Gumshara | Haymarket
If you're looking for some real Japanese ramen action, go for Gumshara, touted to be the best ramen in Sydney. The broth is exquisitely thick and authentic, given that it is the essence from hours of simmering with tons of pork bones. You cannot omit the Gumshara on this gastronomical odyssey.

12. Sash | Surry Hills

Yet another ‘Japi-Mexi’ food installation, Sash focuses on eye-searing technicolor Japanese-style pizzas, tacos and sliders, most known for its “sashizza” – an award-winning sashimi pizza. Built on either squid ink dough or oven baked rice, the toppings consist of raw fish, avocado, mango, strawberry and wasabi mayo. Bite-sized chili mayo prawn sliders and spicy tuna tacos with avocado salsa are available for sharing as well. For the afters, head for their raspberry macaron ice-cream sandwich —a dessert that's as pretty as it is tasty.

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