How to Have A Family Photoshoot Session in Singapore (Featuring Bespoke Photography)

Most of us probably only had professionally shot family photos during weddings or graduations. But to be honest, those are so precious, but rare to be had! Especially so, when everyone in the family is flying everywhere and anywhere throughout the year that times together are increasingly lesser. So, when there was an opportunity for us to gather, once in a year, I organized a photography session together withBespoke Photography after much research online when it comes to quality, value for money and professionalism.

Bespoke Photography can do a lot of different types of sessions, including wedding, family, events, newborn, maternity shoots, or birthday parties. There are a lot more information you can find on their website if you need more detail, especially on the photos they produce.

The Research & Liaising (2-3 weeks before session)
There are a few common studios of which I will not name (a simple Google search for "Singapore Family Photoshoot" will appear) but their various pricing were out of my comfortable price range. Commonly, the "brief" that you have to give them include the following template:

1. Number of pax (adults, children)
2. How long you would like the session to be (I wanted to do 2 hours, but we were quite tired after 1 hour so I would recommend 1 hour)
3. Indoor or Outdoor?
4. Do they have any props?
5. For indoor photography, where would the studio be located?
6. Are there any additional charges?
7. What are the final deliverables?
8. All the dates you are able to hold the session

Also, do scan through their past works, and Google to check if they had any horror stories before - as we have probably seen some of the comical results from some other photography studios. After that, you can wait for a while for the replies to stream in. For me, Bespoke Photography really hit it on the nail when it comes to their ability to accommodate the specifics of what I needed in a really friendly and professional way. I found their prices to be the most reasonable also among many studios. You can check out their prices here.

I liaised with Bespoke Photography via Instagram (@bespokephotographysg) and they are super prompt and quick with their replies, after which I was "transferred" to Whatsapp with our Bespoke Photographer where I could ask more questions on the specifics.

Preparation (2-3 days before session)

As we were going for an Indoor Photography session for 9 pax (7 adults + 2 kids), I thought it might be quite challenging but the photographer was very reassuring and confident. We lay out the logistics of getting everyone there, the wardrobe and makeup that we want, and pack everyone into a car on the day itself and off we went!

During the session!

It was early in the morning at about 9, everyone was pretty much bleary-eyed but the photographers from Bespoke Photography were already in full force setting up the studio, testing the lighting and cameras (basically, doing their thing :)). We did our final makeup touch ups and got into place to take all the different combinations of our family of 9.

The Bespoke Photographers were also very entertaining to make us laugh, and we had a really relaxed environment to take some genuine shots as well instead of 'posing' too much.

It was really a whole lot of clown faces and toys trying to make the babies smile, and the adults ended up having so much fun too! There was also a luxury sofa at the studio which really amped up the atmosphere in there.

Here are my top favourite photos from the session :)

It is really rare to see my parents so beautifully taken in a photo together like this, and smiling so naturally. The Bespoke Photographer directed them on how to stand and the positioning of their arms so as to capture their best.

My sisters and I posing some of our classic looks, and the last time we had a photo of the same pose was... 4 years ago.

One with the parents, of which the 'poses' directed help ease us into a laidback and relaxed mode. Come to think of it, I don't think we had a photo like this before, which will certainly make beautiful memories for us in future.

And of course, the full force of everyone in the same photo (the very first time). It was Harper's Bazaar magazine cover inspired!

After the session, it was a quick pack-up and super fuss-free, and we received the photos right on time and fully edited already. It was a blessing to have Bespoke Photography as the studio that helmed the photoshoot session that allowed everything to be such a smooth success!

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