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#SELFCARE2021 should be a thing already! ❤ When I'm staying at home a lot more and not travelling as much, I have more spare cash to indulge a bit more in self-care :)

I have always wanted to do a proper scalp treatment with the professionals to take care of my oily and flaky scalp. But life gets in the way and I'd think because there's not enough time, and it's kinda like an 'extra and non-essential' treatment, it gets shelved again and again. But hair, like teeth, could have irreversible damage if it's not taken care of. And for the case of hair/scalp, it can result in issues like irreversible hair loss.

If you notice that something is wrong with your hair and scalp, it’s important to take action like going for hair and scalp consultation and treatment when the problem is not super serious. I know I'm in safe hands with the hair and scalp experts – certified trichologists at TK TrichoKare. Starting off with a one-on-one specific consultation and hair & scalp analysis to find out the issues that I’m facing before they work on a customised European Herbal Hair Remedy to address specific hair and scalp concerns.

I was served by their in-house certified trichologist/ consultant (aka hair doctor), Kim. He did a hair and scalp analysis for me before the treatment and patiently explained to me why my biggest hair concerns are happening:

1. How does flaky scalp form? And why is it that after washing my hair, the "cleanliness" only stays for a day?
There are many technical jargons, but he explained it with a physical model and explained it in layman terms for me to understand. In essence, it is a natural process for an oily built-up, but due to hair products and other lifestyle choices, it could cause different scalp problems in different people.

2. What's the difference between going to a hair salon to do a scalp treatment versus going to TK TrichoKare?
I have done scalp treatments with hair salons before but the effects are not long-lasting at all, so I wanted to ask this question. I really liked Kim's answer - hair salons are like "General Practitioners" while at TrichoKare, they are the “Hair Doctors".

After experiencing a session with TrichoKare, yes, I felt that there is definitely a difference. At the hair salon, the hairdressers never asked any specific questions and would just deliver a standard treatment instead of a customised one. Here, the trichologists would check your lifestyle habits, go through a scalp observation, before prescribing the most appropriate treatment.

3. Can hair loss situations be "saved"?
Depending on the situation, but if you actually see visible hair loss, you should be seeking professional help as soon as possible (unless you don't care and plan to shave bald). Depending on your condition, the trichologists will customise treatments which helps to maintain your current hair volume, and in optimistic cases, improve the hair volume by "one stage". But essentially if you decide to not do anything, the condition definitely going to worsen.

If you have other hair/scalp related questions, don't hesitate to ask your trichologist to ensure you have a clear understanding on your condition and what they can do to help.

The first step to the Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment is applying a Customised Premium European Herbal Scalp Masque which helps to detox the scalp and remove impurities and excess sebum. It smells really good and also a head massage was given as the hair specialist worked the masque into the scalp.

Then a revitalizing hair bath is conducted to wash the masque off and also cleanse the scalp thoroughly. The hair bath helps the scalp to restore its sebum balance.

Then, we proceeded with the TriOxy Treatment which involves 3 different steps: (1) OxyPeel (2) OxyJet (3) OxyNutrient. The 3 step process helps to infuse nutrients, hydration and remove dead skin from congested pores to improve blood circulation for healthy hair growth.

The treatment ended off with a low-level laser treatment known as the Photodynamic Therapy which helps to activate hair follicles with full scalp coverage. It also stimulates blood vessels to promote healthy blood circulation.

Lastly, another hair and scalp analysis was done to compare the results before and after the treatment. Look at the Before and After results (magnified 200x)! My scalp is still not 100% clean, there are still some stubborn oil clogs that stayed but it is already a significant and visible improvement in just one session as compared to the start of the treatment. My head feels lighter and much cleaner even 2 days after the treatment. Of course it's not ideal not to wash my hair but it does feel really fresh. Really enjoyed my time with the friendly team at TrichoKare!

Enjoy this Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, book a treatment with them here:

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