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 Hand-shaken, delicious chilled drinks for you? Well, if boba is lyfe and you love bubble tea, you can't miss out on the most popular brand in Taipei right now - Machi Machi!! Of course, much of its hype is fueled by star power from the one and only.. Jay Chou!

He was in Singapore for the weekend (10-12 Jan 2020) for his concert and got everyone in a frenzy chasing after him in restaurants. He is really the man - he can go for a tour with his mom and friends in the day and go perform for a concert at night for hours! What kind of superfood does this guy eat...

The brand name, Machi Machi, is named after Jay Chou's wife, Hannah Quinlivan aka Kun Ling’s Pomeranian pet dog.

Machi Machi was also featured in Jay Chou’s MV Won't Cry 说好不哭 (2019):

Featuring my top two favourite drinks:

#1 Black Milk Tea with Creme Brûlée❤️
Deliciously milky smooth and fragrant tea that is not overly sweet! I really liked this drink for the touch of creme brûlée which gives it an occasional sugary crunch, but it's more layered with custard and caramel flavours rather than a one-dimensional sweetness that is in most of the bubble tea shops out there now #shade But to be honest I stopped drinking most bubble teas because they have no idea how to control the level of sweetness (either too much or too bland). But this is just ideal for me.

#2 Fresh Strawberry Milk with Panna Cotta ❤️
This is a refreshing and addictive one, that I couldn't stop drinking! It is the ultimate dessert drink, with soft panna cotta at the bottom mixed with blended strawberries, which balances both flavours out. I really like it because it is like the prettier and sexier cousin to milk tea pudding (my first bubble tea love).

This is really great and I can see myself going for this the next time I order from Machi Machi!

They are opening officially on 18 January 2020, 11AM - expect queues to be formed!

Machi Machi Singapore
25 Arab Street
Singapore 199724

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