Xiamen, Fujian (China) - Day 1: Culture, History & Shopping [1/4]

I am back with more Xiamen updates! ❤️ This is certainly a city that I left a part of my heart in. Xiamen has an aesthetic charm that with beauty that can be found in every corner. The people of Xiamen have been really helpful and gentle, making the city solo-tripping-friendly. Flagging for cabs is also easier and faster (and sometimes cheaper!) than booking didi cabs on the phone, much to my surprise.

I would definitely highly recommend travelling to Xiamen for a quick getaway with a 4D3N (intense) itinerary, but definitely if you stayed any longer, there are still more attractions that I've yet to explored that look amazing too. You could easily stay for 5 or 6 days and still be fully occupied!

Jimei School Village 集美学村 & Tan Kah Kee's Former Residence


Take a tour around Jimei School Village, founded by Tan Kah Kee in 1918 - more than a hundred years ago!

Jimei has stood the test of time, including witnessing the invasion of the Japanese throughout World War II, and the building of their famous dragon boating lakes.

Jimei High School, a maritime school and University are adjacent to one another.

The school architecture is unique and gorgeous, overlooking several lakes with cranes flying overhead.

It is relatively not as hyped up as the rest of the other attractions in Xiamen, which means that it is a lot more peaceful and you get the scenery to yourself.

After touring the university areas and lakes, it was really interesting to also visit the family home of Tan Kah Kee. Jimei was his hometown and birthplace, but later in his adulthood he traveled frequently to Singapore to contribute to the community here, including building schools, donating money, and also participated in revolutionary events in China.

From his former residence home, it was evident that he was a really simple man that did not indulge in luxuries in life despite being a rich businessman. He devoted much of his life to building schools and contributing back to his people.

Zhongshan Road Walking Street / Amoi Yat Sen Road 中山路

Upon arriving in Xiamen, I asked the cab driver where I should go as a first-time tourist. The answer came faster than a lightning bolt - Zhongshan Road Walking Street

The oldest commercial street in Xiamen is preserved in its ancient beauty, and its architecture even seemed a little European. At night, it juxtaposed against the LED lights of taller commercial buildings and shopping malls in the background.

Do not be fooled, this is not one single stretch of road. It is an entire shopping and food maze full of tiny lanes and alleys with its own charms. It is easily more vibrant and alluring than Shanghai or Beijing's main shopping pedestrian streets.

There are not so much big global brands and more localized brands and boutique shops that make shopping and browsing a lot more enjoyable. Then again, you cannot escape H&M or Starbucks.

Could equate to at least 2-3km even if you strategically walk
The shops here can be classified into: restaurants/food stalls, shopping malls, boutique clothes stores, souvenir shops, tea shops, cafes, cinemas, aquariums, and more. It is a sight to behold by itself to see the amount of sea creatures in the open aquariums or restaurants, even crocodiles. If you have any aims, you can hit up these specific roads-

Gucheng East Road 古城东路 - foodie heaven with classic cuisine from Xiamen / snacks
Zhenbang Road 镇邦路 - boutique clothes shops
Shuixian Road 水仙路 - another stretch for food, but includes Taiwanese / Southeast Asian food
Dazhong Road 大中路 - children's toys, clothes (impressive variety)

For women who are looking for nail salons, this is the place to be as well and they do manicure/pedicure for pretty cheap - at about 25-50 SGD for a set of gelish manicure depending on design complexity.

Begin your self-guided tour on the east side, and complete your walk towards the sea. It should take you about 3 hours, depending on your speed / shopping / photography needs. During sunset, there is a brilliant scene that awaits you, overlooking Gulangyu Island.

If you're into shopping malls, the main shopping mall of interest is SM City.

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Day 1: Culture, History & Shopping
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