Xiamen, Fujian (China) - Day 2: Island Seascape Tour [2/4]

Xiamen University (XMU) - Hulishan Fortress - Baicheng Beach - South Putuo Temple

This is the typical route that most tourists go for as part of their "round island seascape tour". The recommended way to do this is to sign up with a hotel / tour that brings you around for a half-day tour which will be a lot cheaper and more efficient than if you tried to cab around. This is part of day 2's itinerary as most of these attractions are right next to Zeng Cuo An.

Xiamen University (XMU)

Dubbed as China's most beautiful university campus, Xiamen University is always part of the must-go attractions in Xiamen. But, this also means that it is often very crowded - not even including students.

Some of the key highlights of XMU include - Lu Xun Memorial Hall (Qunxian Building), the campus stadium, XMU Furong tunnel, XMU Furong tunnel Xixiwan coffee house, and the XMU lake.

Hulishan Fortress

Built in 1891, Hulishan Fortress is a a defense post for Xiamen towards the east meant to defend the harbour. It has seen Xiamen through several key events, including the Opium War, Xiamen Event (Taiwan's 'invasion' of Xiamen) in 1900, among others. Catch the marching guards ceremony at 10am / 4pm everyday.

Entry fee: 25 RMB / pax

Baicheng Beach

To get your fix for beach, sun and tans, Baicheng Beach will be your choice~ This is the most gorgeous stretch to look at Xiamen's seascape.

South Putuo Temple

Built in late Tang dynasty, this South Putuo Temple is known to be a temple that grants wishes. Whether or not it's true, well, it's one of the key attractions along this stretch to check out.

Zeng Cuo An 曾厝垵

The top night zone has to be Zeng Cuo An,  which used to be a fishing village. Strangely, it is nothing like a fishing village anymore but more like an organized yeshi (night market) and bar street. Similar to Zhongshan Walking Street, it is a maze.

Don't get intimidated by the map
I love Zeng Cuo An for its vibrancy. There are plenty of restaurants that operate until late 10-11pm, open-air bars, food stalls, tea shops, artists, buy-able souvenirs shops, affordable massage parlours, et cetera.

Tea houses even have rabbits to attract customers to their shops.

While graphic / cute caption tees are everywhere in China, they seemed to have a sub-culture here in Xiamen where their humour / style is a little bit different. Instead of the run of the mill Made-in-China copy-and-paste mass production type of souvenirs, now they are focusing on products with more creative flair - but still at a relatively cheap price.

These are the random sights that caught my eye - this huge ass chili cooker was just casually there, spicy fanatics will go crazy buying all the different spices! Ok not me, next. There's also a super beautiful floral themed restaurant where more is.. more..

There's just so much to see here and wander about, and if you get hungry you can always get something to eat along the way ☺

My legs were dying after a whole day of walking, so what better way to end the day than a foot massage and a classic baguan, and a ticklish fish foot spa? Yep, there are also tons of foot massage places around Zeng Cuo An. It's approx. 13 SGD / hour of massage, not the cheapest across the country (Xiamen is considered a more pricey Chinese city) but still pretty good as compared to Singapore prices. ☺

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