You Are What You Eat - Beijing, Circa August 2018

Circa August 2018, Beijing. I remember this trip acutely, it was one of those trips that made me really loved and hated the city of Beijing. I loved it for its fast-paced, competitiveness, efficiency, vibrancy. I was in Beijing for work, and although I have pictures of the "work" side of my life, but it is not appropriate to place them directly on an online platform like this. Words will do in situations as such. Most of my time then was spent in a cab, travelling from location to location. Beijing is huge, and to line up 3 meetings (morning, after lunch, before dinner) - is a recipe for a very, very exhausting day. Journeys between places average at around 45 minutes. But as with every hustler, time is money and every single day must not be wasted. Don't get me wrong, I  enjoy the whole process of being out there doing what I love everyday, very very much.

I suppose the part that I really hated about the city was the fact that it makes me feel so lonely. The vastness of it, the coldness of people. It isn't about them being unfriendly, it's just the nature of being in one of the most competitive, cutthroat societies in the world. I love the competitiveness side of it when I am in 'work mode'. But some days, when I return to the hotel, it feels really empty. People talk to you, they don't know the real you. You don't really know them either. You know what value you bring to them, and they, to you. There is almost no space to truly make friends - at least, except for the select few with a bit more chemistry.

That's about it. I embrace the alone time a lot too, since meeting people does exhaust the inner introvert in me. I cope with it by really exhausting myself the entire day, so when the time comes to rest, I really fall asleep within 5 minutes (or less). Sometimes I fall asleep in the bathtub - un-advisable and dangerous, but so indulging.

And on my favourite days in Beijing, I meet up with one of my favourite humans on Earth, Lexi. Unfortunately now, she happens to live 4,400+ km away from me, so whenever I do find myself in this part of the world, we would meet. Having the luxury of meeting her is a blessed thing. Having her stayed only a 10 minutes walk away from me in Melbourne, I certainly did not know to appreciate that until it's gone. For one, I know that Beijing is a fourth home to me because of my friends there.

(Singapore, Melbourne, Shenzhen - are my first, second, third homes in this order)

This post is to commemorate one of those times that we met up. Was it the same trip we had so much fun and so much dumplings that I threw up?! I guess not. Ah, so many memories I look fondly back upon.

What happens when two very disciplined girls decide to eat healthy together? You know it never works when you try such a diet on yourself, but okay, when there's someone else doing it together with you, it feels tons better. We were at Maifresh in the Bei Luo Gu Xiang alley (north of Nan Luo Gu Xiang, the hipster touristy street) by Lexi's recommendation. A whole bowl of fruits and avocado cream, summer styled it is! Although the calorie/sugar/unhealthy index probably shot up when we each had a "Beijing Passion" cocktail each.

One of the rare photos we have together - both of us after work in our little black dresses. Pose suggested by the boss of Maifresh (who cheekily took a selfie with us with my phone first?!)

Wonderful times! Circa 2018. It's already been two years. Feels... longer ago than that.

Maifresh 麦新鲜
Dongcheng District, No. 44 Beiluo Guxiang
Beijing, China

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