Singapore is a very special Southeast Asian island city-state. At 1 degree north of the Equator, Singapore is sunny all year round and is one of the smallest countries in the world. Historically, she has always been at the crossroads of trading routes and migration paths. The outcome?

A brilliant cultural fusion!

If you are excited to explore Singapore but have no idea where to begin, let me be your local guide.

Hello there, I'm Amie! I'm born and raised in Singapore all my life.
In the past 23 years, I have explored many different parts across the island and am always on a quest to discover more about it. There is no city guide that I can be more confident of writing than a guide on my home country, Singapore. I love travelling other places, exploring the local food, places, cultures and meeting new people too. Travelling the 'local way' is definitely my favourite way of seeing the world. This travel guide to Singapore is intended to help you understand and experience this lovely country the 'local' way. No more safe tourist bubbles, you're now a traveler.

Locality cheat sheets

This ever-expanding city guide begins from a passion for food around the island. This city guide is written with the explorer in mind (that's you!) Therefore, it is organized by locality to fit in your self-guided walking tours. It is compiled with the hope of helping both locals and travelers to have an enjoyable time in Singapore.

Bugis, Arab Street, Kampong Glam
Read full locality cheat sheet here.

Outram Park
Read full locality cheat sheet here.

Chinatown, Telok Ayer

Getting to and from Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state. You can enter Singapore by airplane, by train, or by cruise/ferry.

Airplane - Changi Airport
Changi Airport is the only civilian airport in Singapore. It is located on the far East of the island.
There are currently three terminals - Terminal 1, 2 and 3. 

How to get from Changi Airport to the city center:

1. Take the MRT train (the metro/ subway)
The MRT train station is accessible by foot from Terminal 2 and 3.
From Terminal 1, take the skytrain to Terminal 2 to access the MRT train station.
In the airport, follow the signs that point you towards the MRT that will lead you to Changi Airport MRT on the green line. To reach the city center, you will have to transfer at Tanah Merah MRT (towards Joo Koon/ City/ Westbound). The last train that connects to the last westbound train at Tanah Merah MRT leaves Changi Airport MRT at 2318.

All the trains and gantries at the stations are luggage-friendly. 

When leaving Singapore, note that the first train arrives at Changi Airport MRT station at 0526 from Monday to Saturday, and at 0554 on Sundays and public holidays.

Fares vary by distance. You can buy a single-trip ticket or buy the Ez-link card (recommended for your convenience). You can calculate your fare with this fare calculator here. A trip from Changi Airport MRT to City Hall MRT costs $1.70 for a regular adult ticket.

2. Taxi
All taxis in Singapore run by meter and failure to do so by taxi drivers is illegal.
Note that there is a airport surcharge for trips from Changi Airport.
There are also peak hour surcharges, midnight surcharges and city area surcharges.
Limousine and Mercedes taxis are more expensive as well.
Uber and Grab are the biggest taxi-hailing apps that Singaporeans use.

Train - Woodlands Train Checkpoint
This is a railway train station that is operated by Malaysian Keretapi Tanah Melayu.

Public buses run between Woodlands MRT (911, 912, 913, 856, 903), Marsiling MRT (856), Kranji MRT (170 with red plate) and Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Cruise/ Ferry - Harbourfront, Singapore Cruise Center
You will arrive at Harboufront Centre. Follow the signs to reach Harbourfront MRT which connects you to the Circle line and purple line.

Stay on the right side of the law.

Many outsiders call Singapore a 'fine' city, and have fears that they might get into trouble with the Singapore law system. Do not worry, as long as you keep some of these 'strange laws' in mind while not trying to cheat the system, you will be hundred-percent alright! 😂

1. Ensure you have your visa - if you need one.

2. Chewing gum is illegal...?
Fact: Chewing gum as a product is illegal to bring into Singapore.
Reality: If it is in small quantities, authorities hardly check it.
The purpose of banning chewing gum is to maintain the cleanliness and to avoid acts of mischief associated with sticky gum. If you must chew gum, dispose of it properly.

3. Drinking alcohol in public after 10.30pm - banned
A rule that I do not agree with, but remains punishable.
Drinking alcohol at licensed premises (bars, restaurants) and in private areas (homes) are allowed.
Retail shops stop selling alcohol from 10pm onwards.

4. Littering, vandalism and drug abuse
Keep away from these activities at all times.

5. Smoking
Many places prohibit smoking strictly - all indoor places, sheltered walkways, bus-stops, parks and reservoirs. This includes a 5m radius from these areas.

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