Flipboard - Melbourne's Cafes


A pocket hideout within the city.

Flipboard - Melbourne's Cafes

Flipboard's high on my list for its coffee reputation that has traveled far and wide. It wasn't before long that I found myself at this place for my caffeine fix. This cafe is almost like a live tetris at work here, alongside its neighbours Brolly Studios and Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. Just look at this:
Flipboard - Melbourne's Cafes
Flipboard - Melbourne's Cafes

That's some crazy woodwork there. It is nearly impossible to capture exactly how everything is fixed with one another - it was quite, quite squeezy in there. But I try. Flipboard is tiered upwards with efforts for space conservation rather than sprawled horizontally like most other cafes. I sat right at the top on the third floor, feeling like I'm hiding in an attic. The baristas and service crew must have pretty toned legs.

Flipboard - Melbourne's Cafes
Photo credits: Flipboard's website

Flipboard - Melbourne's Cafes

Flipboard's not the kind of cafe for a sit-down brunch, but rather you get scrumptious bites along with your coffee. Cakes, sandwiches... perfect for an after-lunch session if you're still hungry. It is also good for finishing up some work in this super quiet corner of the city that made me feel like I'm hiding away from civilization. It will always remain the cafe in which I've had two cups of mocha at one go because... one word: delicious. How could I resist? I just can't. Self-control has officially reached the doldrums. It is only open on weekdays.
Flipboard Cafe
141 La Trobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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