Hana Singapore Restaurant: New Tempura Omakase Set Menu 2016

Hana Singapore Restaurant: New Tempura Omakase Set Menu 2016

Like many quality Japanese restaurants, Hana is discreetly located in one of the quieter shopping malls in Orchard. With elegant dark tones and classy background music, you will first notice the open bar in this modern Japanese restaurant. Hana is particularly popular with guests looking for an indulging but affordable omakase experience.

Flavours of Spain Cocktail Evening at Cosentino Asia

I was looking forward to this gastronomical Spanish dining demostration with Chef Edward Esmero.

A group of us met in the live kitchen of Cosentino Asia for an amazing cocktail night of 'flavours of Spain'. At Cosentino, we also learnt more about this globally-renowned Spanish company that produces innovative surfaces for home and office design purposes.

See Singapore's Skyline, 360 Degree.

It was hard to believe.
Somewhere to see a gorgeous 360 degree view of cityscape of Singapore at a height for free.
Yes, it's possible, without having to pretend to go into a restaurant or bar to take a good look. I was so impressed by the entire layout and the generosity of telescopes available around the entire platform (it's not true that you have to pay for everything in Singapore).
It's time to grab a friend and impress them with this hidden gem:

28 Things We Did in Bangkok Thailand & Travel Tips!

 28 Fun Things We Did in Bangkok Thailand & Travel Tips!
Name the place that Singaporeans love visiting the most: it's Bangkok.
Or Krung Thep in Thai. 
At any one point, you'd have at least a friend who is about to go there, just came back, or is currently frolicking in Chatuchak for the weekend. It's almost like a garden in our backyard.
Everyone loves going to Bangkok even in 2016 - for its shopping, for its food, for its kickass massages. And for those who haven't, would be curious about what Bangkok has that keeps people from going there time and again.
Bangkok is a fascinating metropolis that has so many surprises at every corner, and there seemed to be a crazy lot of things to do. When they say you can be done visiting Bangkok in three days, don't believe them at all! There are so many fun, interesting and off-the-beaten-path things to do that will get your heart racing - you'll at least need to stay for a month to really experience the city fully.
Whether you are planning for a weekend itinerary, or a month-long, you can take a leaf out of the 28 things we did in Bangkok Thailand (& other travel tips) just in 5 days:

6 Romantic Travel Surprises: Guide from SGD47 around Southeast Asia

Don't pull your hairs out yet!
I think you'll agree with me: 
Travel planning can be a little stressful.
But here's a little travel surprise guide to inspire your romantic holiday. From seeing the popular beach destination of Bali in another light or having a little thrilling adventure somewhere far out away from civilization, find that little spark to make your vacation extra-special. Southeast Asia is jam-packed with fascinating mysteries unbeknownst to many.
A surprise for every budget and every land - from SGD47 to 331:

Top 8 Well-Loved Food Places in Hong Kong by Locals & Celebrities

Top 8 Well-Loved Food Places in Hong Kong by Locals & Celebrities

If we're talking about the most popular city holiday destinations within Asia, Hong Kong will definitely emerge as one of the tops.
This extraordinary city never needed sleep and is always chock-full of tempting eats. It is a woven creature of Eastern and Western influences, a fascinating assault on the senses. It is easy to be swept off your feet and go with the flow! 
But if you're the sort that don't want to miss a good recommendation on what the locals love, here's the top 8 well-loved, tried-and-tested food places in Hong Kong: