May 14, 2016

Celebrating PUTIEN's Duo Tou Clams Festival - 7 Clam Dishes

The rise of PUTIEN
Not just your run-of-the-mill Chinese chain restaurant, PUTIEN is a homegrown brand that began as a coffee shop in Kitchener Road in 2000. It was founded by Fong Chi Chung, who was born in Fujian, China and thereafter moved to Singapore to pursue diploma in Arts. He decided to launch Putien initially because he really missed his hometown's cuisine and decided to recreate the same tastes here in our sunny island! That was how it began, but thereafter PUTIEN's success and meteoric expansion to 24 outlets internationally is due to one reason: Fong's determination to use the best ingredients for all their dishes.

PUTIEN Duo Tou Clams Festival
This is what we see and taste for their launch of PUTIEN Duo Tou Clams Festival! I know that many people have the feeling that clams aren't delicious or are just strange, but PUTIEN totally proves my belief that 'there are no natural ingredients that taste bad, it's a matter of freshness and skill prepared'. Get ready to change your impression of clams here with their amazing 6cm succulent meaty goodness of clams encased in golden shells air-flown freshly from Duo Tou Village. Here are the 7 clam dishes to impress you:

May 13, 2016

Singapore: Laneige & Innisfree haul - 4 "holy grail" Korean skincare and makeup products with 1030am.

Skincare and makeup junkies out there, I'm sure Laneige and Innisfree aren't strangers to you. If you're not that crazy over skincare but want to find out more about these two ultimate "holy grail" brands and my review on their customer favourites' hot products - this is the review! I was kindly invited by Korean Skincare and Makeup Online Store, 1030am to browse their selections and found that they have stocked up only all the super popular items, which save you the trouble from finding out what's good for you, but simply what product you need. They absorb GST, offer cashback incentives, and $10 off for all new customers (min. spending $60). In this review I will be focusing on a few items that you can find on 1030am.

Singapore: Timbre+

What's all the rage in April? Timbre+. Some people call it the hipster hawker centre - is this where our future is headed - others, the 'new one-north place with containers and stationary food trucks'. You should have seen this plastered all over your social media newsfeed by now, but I'm visiting it only when the hype has died down a bit more. Lucky, because otherwise, it would have probably even a notch more stuffy and crazily warm.

May 11, 2016

Singapore: Your regular hair maintenance with The Comb Salon

Do you know that the average time between hair appointments for ladies is 3 months? To stay presentable, to prevent hair roots from being too obvious and to ensure there are not too many split ends that is the number one reason why your hair looks frizzy! I visited The Comb Salon for my most recent hair appointment and was pleasantly surprised by how fast and effective they were at helping me revitalize my hair, which makes it perfect for your regular hair maintenance.

May 10, 2016

Singapore: Dapper Coffee with Sugar

Dapper Coffee with Sugar for you? Nope not the condiment, but the app!
I probably would never have found Dapper without Sugar because it is set in the downtown hipster wonderland that I've just discovered (loving this better than Duxton now), the Amoy Street/ Ann Siang Hill/ Boon Tat Street area. It's also home to an impressive row of cafes, bars and restaurants like FYR, My Awesome Cafe, and more. But today, I'll be introducing to you Dapper, a true hidden find on the second floor. Most people might pass by it without batting an eyelid despite the signs outside - it's that elusive.

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Over Easter Weekend & All The Tips You Need

Ready for a whole day of adrenaline? Universal Studios Singapore (USS) has got more than enough activities and rides to keep you entertained from day to night. Strange thing is, I have only been to USS except for its opening week in 2010 and most rides weren't even ready, so when Lexi is over and said she wanted to go for it, I was like lezzgo!!!