A "Native" Toa Payoh Food Trail: Hai Nan Xing Zhou Beef Noodles - Amazing $4 "Pho" Without Coriander

More on my Toa Payoh food trail: third stop - Hai Nan Xing Zhou Beef Noodles at Kim Keat Palm Market. I certainly came to Kim Keat with a goal in mind. I have tried the beef noodles here a few years ago before the big renovation, and I could not forget about it for a long time. It was so delicious, and the only drawback is the long queues deterring me from coming back again. And I am back to try if the quality is the same as ever.

Putien Seasonal Menu Release: Yellow Croaker Fish

I've gone to Putien so many times because it has always been a trusted, time-honoured brand that I know I can count on. So it certainly wasn't a surprise when Putien @ Kitchener Road was awarded a Michelin one-star rating! It is very well-deserved. This time of the year, Putien's talented culinary team has designed another seasonal menu centred around the yellow croaker fish from the seaside city of Ningde, Fujian China. 

中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, FINALE, The Final Chapter.

中國新歌聲‬ SING CHINA, FINALE, The Final Chapter.

Hailing themselves as the singing variety show beholden to the mission of raising the next generation of Mandopop, Sing!China has finally come to its final chapter. If you're reading it now, you would probably have heard about many disagreements and controversies that occurred during the finale. Maybe that's what the entertainment industry is about. If it doesn't generate talk, it's a bad show. And Sing!China has certainly generated a lot of talk, a lot of people screaming hath and fury claiming they won't watch the next season... guess what, every season of The Voice has got people saying that. But be it Sing!China or The Voice, these shows have topped viewership charts across all the regions with Chinese communities. So there. We will leave the commentary to perhaps a later post, this post celebrates the accomplishments of the final six and the fallen ones (who are equally, if not even better) that has reached thus far. It is a sign that Mandopop is in fact very much popular and strikes us at a sweet spot that nothing else can:

A "Native" Toa Payoh Food Trail: One Eleven Mixed Vegetables Rice Stall

At 1.15pm, running low on supplies already.
Reddit says nobody will travel to look for caipng (mixed vegetable rice) specifically. I say One Eleven Mixed Vegetables Rice Porridge Stall is worth it. After eating approximately 15 lunches at this stall within 7 weeks, I have thereby concluded that this mixed vegetable rice stall is the best I have ever had. Some background information about me and mixed vegetable rice stalls: nearly none. People swear by their school cai png stalls, but having tried a few times, I was never impressed. It's always a little stale, and non-enticing flavours. This one is different.



If there is one word to describe this week's episode: Cruel. Way too cruel to pick the top 6 from so many incredible contestants. Way too cruel to put them right in the middle of the stage surrounded by more than 400 people judging them face-to-face - YES or NO. The show has to go on. Did hot favourites Nathan Hartono and Xu Ge Yang get through? Who else made the mark to go to the Bird Nest Stadium? What's the song list for October 7 Sing!China finale? All the details here:

A "Native" Beauty World Food Trail: Beauty World Food Centre

There are a lot of delicious food options dotted around Singapore, but to know it proper you might have to hang around there long enough. The Beauty World Food Centre is indeed such a place, a food market hidden inconspicuously at the top floor of a shopping mall. I can't think of any similar layout anywhere else in Singapore, but the moment I set my eyes upon this place, I knew there was going to be at least a few stalls of mouthwatering dishes around. The air is a mix of electrifyingly delicious oily fragrances around. We had a goal in mind here: there was a certain stall with excellent xiaolongbaos here.