misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants


Tasty Asian bites at a regular tuckshop. Slightly pricey.

misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants

I felt oddly disconnected, but misschu Tuckshop had me at dejavu. This cozy eatery had a very thoughtful and detailed reconstruction of a street side stall, which a completely Vietnamese-Laotian-inspired menu... I should have learnt this much quicker but - at Melbourne, eat Asian (this should, very honestly, be your mantra if you're looking to eat around here). You pretty much get very legit flavours, with the exact sauces they use in their home countries, except that the ingredients taste so much more pure. Alright I shan't digress too much, let's go on to what I had here: 
misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants
misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants

Steamed dumplings stuffed with scallop & prawn (AUD7) was an absolute treat, served in a shallow lagoon of light soy sauce and.. something else. It was delicious. I remembered swooning over them and not bearing to eat the last one.

misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants

BBQ Pork Char Siu Steamed Bun (AUD2.5) was pretty stellar too. I kinda regret only ordering one, because the fluffy sweet white bun matched the tantalizing savoury and sweet pork fillings so well. It was also freshly steamed. All in all, this reminded me of the best pau days in Malaysia.

misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants

Traditional Peking Duck Pancake (AUD3.8/each) was quite stunningly priced. Did I really pay so much for so little?  I must admit, I must try to overlook the price considering how much goodness was packed in the little wrap. For one, it was succulent duck meat - boneless - and a slice of cucumber, smeared with the peking duck sauce. I didn't have to do it myself, all I had to do was to pick it up and stuff it into my mouth.
Would I say it's worth it to drop by misschu?
Truth be told, I am still looking fondly back at this particular meal , exactly three months since the day I had it. It's slightly expensive, but I looked at it as a whole - AUD17 for a meal, it seems quite alright to me. Besides, a good experience should not be measured by price. Aye? Aye.

misschu Tuckshop - Melbourne's Restaurants
misschu Tuckshop menu - Melbourne's Restaurants

misschu Tuckshop
2/297 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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