Taipei Day Itinerary 7 - Yang Ming Shan National Park, Beitou, Danshui

The north of Taipei has aplenty of gems where wanderers must leave their footprints. Do not miss one of my favourite acres of land in Taipei where you can catch the best sunset in the whole of Taiwan - Fisherman's Wharf at Danshui! What else? Hike around Yang Ming Shan if you have the time to - and soak yourself in a hot spring. Now... that is the life. 

1. Yang Ming Shan National Park

Taipei Main Station (Exit 1) > Bus 260 to Yang Ming Shan bus station

Transport fee

Duration for transport
30 mins

Recommended trail duration

Yang Ming Shan Bus Station > Walk past Cianshan Park > Zhongshan Building > Jyansih Waterfall Bus Stop > Jyansih Waterfall > Pine Gardens Bus Stop > Walk along the curvy road > Menghuan Ecological Zone > Mt. Cigu > Zhonghu Rd of Armaments > Yangjin Highway > Xiao guan yin > Turn left when we see Qi Xing Shan Bus Stop > Xiao You Keng Recreation Area > Jhuzihhu > Yang Ming Shan Park and back to the start

Best time to visit?
8am - 12pm. 

Tree huggers and nature lovers will adore this segment of their holiday! Pack your exercising shoes as you hike around this national park that you cannot miss. Pack in the necessary for a hike - sunscreen, mosquito repellant, umbrella, map of Yang Ming Shan National Park, a torchlight, first aid kit, food and emergency phone numbers (with your phone well-charged). Rather time-consuming and not suitable for tighter schedules.

2. Beitou 北投

From Yang Ming Shan National Park > Bus 230 to Xinbeitou / Xinyi line to Xinbeitou 

Hot Springs, Hot Springs Park and Museum, Folks Art Museum, Plum Garden, Geothermal Valley.

Best time to visit?
12 - 4pm.

Beitou practically sleeps after 5pm, so it will be good to head down for an afternoon in this hot springs enclave north of Taipei straight after noon. Do not visit on a Monday; most of the hot springs are closed. Be sure to explore the Hell Valley and admire the beauty of natural rock formations. 

3. Sunset at Danshui 淡水, Fisherman's Wharf

Xinyi line to Danshui > Bus 26 to Fisherman's Wharf

Transport fee
NT25 (depending on station you board from) + NT16

Duration for transport
Bus 26 takes 30 mins from Danshui to Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf, Lover's Bridge, Fisherman's Market, Danshui's Old Street, Marina Bay Plaza

Recommended timing
5 - 7pm.

Taipei's sunset timing is approximately around 6.30pm during the summer (check here for exact timing) - the most romantic highlight about Danshui is catching the sunset on Lover's Bridge. Forget about the sunset during the winter - there is none. Danshui's Old Street is now revamped into a stretch of cafes on the promenade. Shop for unique souvenirs like Taiwan's specialties at the Fisherman's Market.


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  1. Hi! thank you for your information! May i know if i want to start my trip from Danshui - Yangmingshan - Yehliu Geopark then Keelung night market, and going back to Taipei, can it be covered in 1 day?

    Also, is there any public transportation from Danshui to yangmingshan? then from yangmingshan to keelung? thanks ya :)

    1. Hi Nathania Lee,

      It is do-able provided you have to begin very early (8AM at Danshui) and be prepared to walk quite a bit. This itinerary in terms of timing would look like:

      8AM-10AM: Danshui
      10-1PM: Yangmingshan
      1PM-2PM: Lunch
      2PM-4PM: Yehliu
      4PM-5PM: Yehliu to Keelung
      5PM-9PM: Keelung Night Market

      However, I don't really recommend squeezing everything in the same day if you do not have a lot of energy. You will also be rushing for the Yang Ming Shan hike and may not be able to go for the longer (3-4hr) trails. You can consider splitting into 2 days as such -

      Beitou --> Yang Ming Shan --> Danshui (sunset)
      X ---> Yehliu --> Keelung Night Market

      Not sure about the public transportation from Danshui to yangmingshan & yangmingshan to keelung, havent taken this route before.

    2. thanks so much for your information! this helps me a lot in constructing my itinerary.

      Btw, may i know how much should i bring (in SGD) if i plan to go for 10days 9nights? how much is the food price there in average?

      hope to hear from you soon :)
      Thanks ya!

    3. It really depends on what your budget is, and how much shopping you intend to do. Excluding accommodation, you can consider about SGD50-100/day for a reasonably comfortable time in Taipei. If you're on a budget, I think you can survive budget-style at around SGD30-50 if you take more public transport, eat more street food, etc. =) I think their prices are similar to SG's shopping mall prices especially at touristy places (eg. Ximending / Shihlin etc). :D

    4. Hi, thanks for your quick reply! now i know the estimation :)

      Btw, do you think it is possible to cover in a day if i start from National Palace Museum - Yangmingshan - Beitou - Damshui - Shilin Night market?

      Should i skip national palace museum?

      Thanks!! :D

    5. I would say it's not possible unless you do a touch - and - go for each place.
      National Palace Museum - at least 2 hrs - 4 hrs
      Yangmingshan - at least 2 hrs (depending on energy level and fitness)
      Beitou - at least 2 hrs, before 4.30pm
      Damshui - 1 hr - 2 hr
      Shihlin - 2 hrs

      Not including the time to travel from one place to another.
      Skip the one that matters to you the least :p

    6. hi! okay, thanks so much for your information! hehehee XD


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