Taipei Day Itinerary 1 - Yehliu, Leefoo Theme Park, Taipei 101

When it comes to planning your itinerary for Taipei, it is best when you have a day-by-day plan that you can adopt depending on the weather. This article features the first day itinerary for summer Taipei - which I adore so much more than winter Taipei. It's much hotter, about 35°C, but it's all that heat that gives you plenty of excuses for all the lovely mango iced shavings, milk tea, fruit juice! Itineraries provided regard Taipei Main Station as the starting point; adjust according to your hotel's location. Before you launch headlong into the exciting planning of activities, remember to equip yourself with the 9 things you need to know when touching down in Taipei.

1. Yehliu Geographical Park: For the geography buffs

How to get there?
Kuo-Kuang bus from Taipei Bus Terminal A, towards Jinshan Youth Activity Center

Transport fee

Duration for transport
90 minutes

Entrance fee
NT50 (adult) NT25 (children)

Queen's Head, Fairy Shoe, Sea Candles, Ginger Rocks

Best timing to visit?
Early in the morning.

The sun is merciless in the summer; prepare sunblock lotion, hats and umbrellas. A lot of photo opportunities. Queuing required for the famous Queen's Head rock formation. Souvenir shop available here. 

2. Leefoo Theme Park: For the thrill seekers

How to get there?
E-Go Bus from Zhong Xiao Dunhua Metro Station

Transport fee
NT120 (return trip)

Duration for transport from city centre
90 minutes

Entrance fee

What to look out for?
Rollercoasters, pirate ships, free fall drops, fireworks, restaurants available within theme park.

Best timing to visit?
3 - 9pm. Bring an extra set of clothes for wet activities - water rollercoasters.

3. Taipei 101: The obligatory tourist location

Taipei 101 Metro Station (Exit 5)

Transport fee
NT16 - 25 (depending on initial station)

Entrance fee
NT350 (88th/89th)

What to look out for?
88th floor indoor observatory, 89th floor outdoor observatory, PageOne, shopping!

Best timing to visit?
3 - 8pm. Catch the transformation of Taipei city as darkness engulfs light. 89th floor observatory may be fully or partially closed depending on weather conditions. Call to check to avoid disappointment. Enjoy shopping at high-end stores or wander about bookstore Page One. Dine at one Michelin-star restaurant Din Tai Fung (B1) for a dimsum feast after scaling 101. While your afternoon away in this lovely architectural centrepiece of Taipei.

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