Taipei Day Itinerary 3 - Sogo, Yong Le Market, Yong Kang Street


This city is a tourist magnet simply because every street has an undeniable charm. From departmental stores to age-old alleys, you will be drawn to them and fall in love. You'll never want to leave. In the last installation of the itineraries, Taipei demands you to dawdle your time away in Sogo, unleash your inner little lady at Yong Le Market and feast like a king at Yong Kang Street.

1. Sogo Departmental Store

Take Bannan line to Zhongxiao Dunhua

Operating hours
9am - 9pm

Best time to visit?
9am - 11am

It's Sogo, and it has a rule against photography - this is a quick snap before I was hauled away by security. The lowest basement houses a food court which actually has a stall entitled "Singaporean Food" and many other restaurants, cake shops and cafes. Hint: Ramen Santouka for breakfast, anyone? If your hotel is located nearby, that is. There's also a high-end supermarket - somewhat like Cold Storage in local context. Luxury brands and boutiques line from B1 to 5F.

2. Yong Le Market

Take Xinyi line to Minquan W. Rd and change to Daqiaotou. A short walk away - ask for directions!

Operating hours
9am - 5pm

Best time to visit?
11am - 1pm

It's a textile paradise for every seamstress, with confusing mazes of textile shops - columns of cloth and walls of ribbons, laces, zips, buttons, strings, threads - let the pictures do the talking and you will understand in a jiffy. There are a few blocks of such shops as well as an entire building of two floors like this. Their designs are much more interesting and unique than the ones that can be found in Singapore.

3. Yong Kang Street

Take Xinyi line to Dongmen Station - it's right outside!

Recommended timing
1pm - 5pm

It is difficult not to like Yong Kang Street - it is full of energy and there are plenty of food places. The mantra for this place: keep eating, keep walking. Not all who wander are lost. Keep going, and you will find hidden gems all around.

What to look out for
Kao Chi - dim sum restaurant, 15 Degrees - mango ice dessert corner, Din Tai Fung - first flagship store.


First time going Taipei?
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